Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Orvis in Boston

I had to go into downtown Boston today for work. It was a little cold but mostly sunny.

Since my oldest son worked around the corner from my appointment we made arrangements to meet and go to lunch (on me of course).

After lunch I decided to walk to the North End (about a 10 minute walk) to get a dessert after lunch.

 As I made my way toward the North End, I decided to cut through Quincy Market.

It is had to see but the trees have lights and at night time it is very festive.

As I got toward the end of the market, I found the ORVIS store and stopped in and checked out if there was anything my wife could get me for Christmas.

I went in and looked around for a few minutes. I ended up talking to the one of the sales folks about buying a beginner fly-tying kit. I grabbed a catalog and was on my way to the North End.

This was my well earned dessert that I bought at Modern Pastry. It was off to the train and back to the office.



  1. Nice town you have there....the dessert looks interesting.

    1. Hi Alan.....I have to agree with you that Boston is nice but I hasten to add that I am a homer when it comes to Boston. It is not NYC, Rome, Paris, etc. For they are all wonderful cities too that I have had the privilege to visit but Boston is where I grew up and I consider it home.

      As for the dessert,it is what we called a half moon when I was a kid. It is a small, thin, round cake with one half frosted with chocolate and the other half frosted with white. It is very sweet.

      If you visit Boston's North End, then let me know and I would be glad to make some recommendations.

    2. Hey Alan......I got another look at the picture after your post and I noticed that the white frosting is discolored except for a small stretch at the border with the chocolate frosting. It must of been a reflection off the glass.

  2. When we were in Bend, Oregon back a couple of years, we stopped in the Orvis store, but I found it a bit pricey. What I noticed was they were big on clothes, but small on fly tying stuff. Was your experience the same?

    1. Hi Mark.....you nailed it exactly. The NYC store was the same way.

      There is an Orvis outlet that I stop by on my way home from my Maine trips where I find bargains (from a frugal Celtic's perspective) once in awhile.

      The sales staff at all of the locations are very helpful and not pushy at all.

  3. Mac, you're a card. This sounds like it was a well thought out and executed plan to check out the fly tying kits with lunch thrown in (at your expense)to rid yourself of any guilt. Well played and I really hope you get your kit. By the way, we both let an important date go by without mention. Remember Dec. 8th, the day the music really died. Peace my friend.

  4. Hi Howard.......the lunch was planned, the dessert is a ritual and the Orvis stop was a last minute decision; however, you aren't to far off the mark about the guilt.

    I did see the anniversary on my This Day in History and something distracted me (does a honey do list sound familiar) and I never made it back to Blogger.

    I hope all is well and good with you.