Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thank you, spasio, danke, merci, grazie.........

When I logged on this morning I noticed that I had hit exactly 10,000 on my visitor counter.

In complete disclosure, at least a hundred of those were probably me until I figured out to select don't count my visits. As the old golf saw goes...they don't ask you how just how many.

In the big scope (and little scope for that matter) this doesn't mean much when compared to recent events but I did want to thank everyone who has ever stopped by since this blog started.

I want to thank the first two people who joined the blog and encouraged me. While I don't hear from them that often (River Damsel) or never (Owl) they were the first to welcome me into the blogging world. I am grateful because who knows if I would have continued

Of course Howard (Wind Knots...), Alan (Brk Trt), Mike C (hey stranger), Mark (Northern Cal) and Savage weren't far behind. These gents have been the ones who have provided me the knowledge that this former newbie but still learning fly fisherman was after. I am grateful for all the kind words, helpful hints and comments that you have provided since this gig began.

If you have ever been in a position of recognizing someone, then you always run the risk of forgetting someone and I am sure that that has happened here. If I failed to recognize someone, then please accept my apologies in advance because no disrespect was intended.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone else who stops by. While I wish you felt compelled to offer advice, a story or feedback your interest to visit alone is enough.

I enjoy this more than I would have figured.

Thank you again everyone.


  1. Thank you Mac, or taking the time to share your stories, your travels and fishing adventures. One of the best things about being a fisherman in general and a blogger in specific is their willingness to share. I for one can't wait to hear about your fly tying adventures.

    1. Hi is I who has to thank you (but you are welcome).

      I saw your post about Friday.....I didn't (and don't) think it can be improved upon.

      I hope that the few classes I took last year help once I venture into tying.

  2. You are welcome, my friend. If you post, they will come.

  3. Thanks again Mark.

    I do remember that was one of the things you and Howard told me at the beginning. It sure was true.

  4. I guess we should thank you for putting in the time and sharing your experinces with us. Keep it up as i like to read your blog, and of course good luck on your next outting.

  5. Thanks Savage. I appreciate that very much.

    I would like to do some fishing of some sort next weekend.

  6. Ed, you put out good posts, that's why I check it out.
    You run the field from the Red Sox, to the wonderful city of Boston. Fishing, hunting and human interest.
    Congrats on your milestone, and good fortune.

  7. Hi Alan...thank you very much for the kind words, encouragement, advice and the flies you have offered since I started. I know that you have made me a better fly-fisherman and observer of nature.

    The blog started off to chronicle my fishing adventures but the blog has become a journal of my fishing, adventures, travels, etc. throughout parts of New England. Based on comments it does't seem to bother people to much that it isn't always about fishing.

    I am reading Thomas Ames' Hatch Guide for New England Streams again. I thought I underlined all the pertinent stuff last year when I read the book; however, I have come to realize there is more than I thought. My guess is it will probably take a few more times to fully discover all the nuggets in this jewel.

    I hope to get out fly-fishing this winter on the Ipswich River. It will be my first time attempting fishing during the winter and the Ipswich is close to the house. If I drove out to the Swift River and I didn't find it my "cup of tea", then it will be a long drive home.

    Thanks again.

  8. You are welcome Ed. I like reading your posts and try to contribute the few places I can. We still need to hit the swift together. I can't promise catching fish but you will atleast know they are there.


  9. Hi Mike.....lets meet at the Fly-fishing show next month and make some firmer plans. Maybe some of the other folks (Alan, Savage, etc.) will be there.

    It is funny you mentioned the Swift because I went to Ken's blog the other day. I would love to get out there and maybe we can get Ken to guide.

    See you soon.

  10. Ed,
    I went out a few weeks ago. It is only about an hour from my house. I did ok. Caught a few but there were more to be had. I probably need to work on my stealthiness. You got to see that place it is different than anythign else I have encountered in NE.


  11. Hey Mike...I definitely want to get there.

    As the show gets closer, I will get in touch with you.