Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tim Rajeff Update

I did make it to Tim Rajeff's demo and I did learn a couple of things about salt water flyfishing (my next adventure). He was extremely knowledgeable and very approachable. I asked a multi-part question after identifying myself as a newcomer (very basic about line storage, care, shelf life, etc.) and before he answered it he welcomed me to "club" and joked he loved talking to people like me because we have no preconceived notions. He answered my question satisfactorily while never making me feel like the question was beneath him. Unfortunately I had to leave before he demonstrated casting techniques. If you ever get the chance to hear Tim talk about fly-fishing, then I don't think you will disappointed. Oh by the way, he won't be co-hosting the LL Bean Outdoors show after this season.


  1. Hey Ed. The one thing I always did after saltwater fishing was rinse my gear in fresh water. Seems like a logical move, but sometimes we forget and saltwater can destroy fishing gear in a heartbeat.


  2. Hi Mark....thanks. It is funny you mention that because Tim Kajeff said the same thing to me and I am reading about salt water fly-fishing around Boston and the author said the same thing in the first chapter. What is that old saying about great minds? :)

    I bought a new salt water rod today and when I went to put it in my trunk with the other one I used last week the evidence was as clear as day to me.....sand all over the reel and some rust on the hooks that I used and didn't rinse off. Heading outside now to rinse it off. I won't make that mistake again.

    I hope that bear finds new digs and stops bothering you.

    Thanks again for the tip.

  3. I learn more from watching demos and asking "silly" questions than I do any other way. Good on you Mac. I hope when I grow up that I can be consider an expert at something.

  4. That makes at least two of us that have that dream......