Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chasing stripers.........

There are some places to go trout fishing but they are farther than I want to travel right now

As a result, I am fishing the Atlantic Ocean for striped bass. I took off yesterday and made my way to the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge (Parker River). My first stop was at Surfland Bait & Tackle (Surfland) after they were found searching for information about striper fishing the North Shore of Boston. They were friendly enough and I bought some sea worms.

The beach wasn't to crowded and there were about another half dozen fisherman scattered among the sun-worshipers. A large section of the beach is closed to people because of sandpipers are nesting. I made my way to the border and set up my rod and planted my chair. There was a woman who took offense but as Kurtis Blow sang.......these are the breaks. To my left about 200 yards away was the mouth of the Merrimack River.

I fished for about 90 minutes and lost two worms but no stripers were landed.

I had hoped to go to Deer Island today but the weather started out lousy so I decided against going; however, I plan to get there tomorrow and try striper fishing again.

Plum Island surf casting.

I almost forgot......I got my Fly Fishing Boston by Terry Tessein today from eBay. I started it as soon as I opened the packaging and can't wait to buy my first Orvis 8 weight set up.


  1. Yeah! I've always wanted to try Stiper fishing. Keep us posted Mac.

  2. Hi caught before leaving the house and had to keep a promise about a "honey do" list so no fishing today. I plan on taking a day off during the week to go back to Plum Island or to Deer Island.

    If you want to fuel the desire to come out east and do some striper fishing, then go to the library and get ON THE RUN by David DiBenedetto. He chronicles his striper fishing from Bath, Maine to the the Outer Banks, NC (and all the hot spots in between).

    At several points it is very poignant because he flies into Portland Maine on September 10, 2001.

    I talked to a buddy from work and he lives out on the Outer Banks and I believe we are going to do a little fishing in November or December as the stripers end their journey.

  3. Sea Worms or as we call them, "sand worms", are one of the best striper baits out there. You just have to keep them away from the scup. Deer Island should produce something during the first few hours of the day. Stay cool it is going to be a hot week.

  4. Thanks Savage. Since I am a novice at surf casting what is the best way to keep the worms away from the scup?

    The next time you are up at Deer Island for work ask them to go to Belle Isle Seafood: You won't be disappointed.