Saturday, July 21, 2012

My first time fishing from a kayak.......

I have tried to get my wife to go kayaking for the last few weeks but she kept making excuses.

So today when my wife went shopping with our future daughter-in-law for her wedding dress I knew where I was going. It was such a beautiful day with the temperature around 80, little to no wind and no humidity I made my way to Spot Pond. The state of MA rents kayaks, canoes and sail boats at Spot Pond. LL Bean also has a program that allows people to rent kayaks.

Spot Pond is 340 acres and here is some additional info about this wonderful treasure ignored by most people: SPOT POND

This is one of the islands that is scattered throughout the pond.

I paddled my way toward one of the islands that I have seen from afar for so many years. I always wondered what it would be like to fish the points of the island and today was the day after all this time I would find out.

I had my radio tuned to Boston sports talk radio and my fishing pole ready.

I had several small bass chase the lure but there were no takers. I switched to a Kast Master but it didn't get any interest at all either. I decided to go to another part of the pond so I headed north.

A couple of other people taking advantage of the gorgeous day on the water. 

As I was making my way to the island where I was planning on tossing some hardware, I saw a group of people in kayaks with the LL Bean guides.

I am heading to the left to fish.
As I was paddling left, there were a couple of people fishing from their kayak so I kept my distance.

I was positive I was going to find a small-mouth bass here.

The rocky shore and drop off seemed like a great place for smallmouth bass to hang out. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any fish. I fished for about 20 minutes here and then decided to head back.

I decided to stop one more time and take a few casts.
This was the first time I was ever in a kayak and the first time I was ever on the water at Spot Pond.

I had an absolute blast and I believe that a kayak is in my future. I plan to use it on several rivers to do some trout fishing and perhaps on a pond or two also.

I am hoping that I can convince my wife to join me here next week.


  1. Sounds like a blast Mac. I would love to try a kayak and also see one in my future...

  2. Hi really was fun.

    I have been putting off the purchase but no longer. Now it is a matter of buying a second-hand one or new one. Also, I may buy a Coleman Crawdad boat so that my brother-in-law and I can get out to those places that the bass hide during the summer.

    These were very basic kayaks so a few things will be needed on a personal one: cup holder or two, rod holder or two, some storage space, etc.

    Thanks and good luck on your upcoming trip and purchase.

  3. I've thought about a Yak from time to time, but the one I want is way above my budget. The Float Tube Cumberland will just have to do.


  4. Hey Mark....check out Craig's List.

    There are some good buys on there (or put it on your Wish/Birthday List and let everyone know).

  5. I was all set to see a big brown pulling you along in a yak, perhaps next time.
    I been using my grandkids yak around the marina. They are fun, and you can get into place's a boat can't.

    1. Hi Alan....they do stock the pond with trout. Throwing the KastMaster anything is possible to catch.

      I am on the lookout for a Kayak. I was watching a show last night called Kayak Fishing and the guy was catching huge fish in Mexico from one.