Saturday, May 5, 2012

What a way to break in a new rod........

This morning I had plans to help coach my nephew's son's T-Ball team. As I was making breakfast and having my coffee, I got an email that the game was cancelled due to the fields being wet from the rain that fell overnight.

I called an audible and decided to go fly-fishing. As some of you may remember, back in February I was in Bangor, Maine and bought a new fly rod from a LL Bean outlet store. I decided today was the day that I was going to use this new rod.

I went to a new section of the river that runs through several towns (mine among them) because I saw a woman fly-fishing there yesterday. As I talked to her, she landed a beautiful Rainbow trout so I decided that I would get there someday soon. That someday was today and I started off with one of the streamers that I tied in class over the winter (she caught her fish on a streamer). I tried for 15 minutes without any hits. I changed to a Hare's Ear nymph and as I was about to cast into the water a GULP broke the silence. I dropped a few expletives and made a few casts with the Hare's Ear because I didn't want to tie on another fly; however, I decided that I must change to a BWO since they ignored the Hare's Ear completely.

It didn't take more than two casts and I was fighting this beautiful fish. The new rod is a 4 WT and the landing was fun as opposed the the 5 WT that I have.
First Rainbow on a fly this year.
I spent another 60 minutes trying to catch another fish but they were hip to me. They rose to sip bugs and ignored my 12 and 14 BWOs. Unfortunately I didn't have anything smaller so I packed up and headed to URI to pick up some of my son's stuff since his last final is this coming Thursday.

I may hit the river again tomorrow evening in the hope that I can have my first multiple catch day.


  1. Thanks Howard. The 4 WT rod was a perfect match for this river. I need to buy another reel so I will be going on Orvis' site tonight for one.

  2. Good luck today. I hope you get that double.


    1. Thanks Mark.

      It has to come eventually.... :)

  3. That's a very colorful rainbow. Congrats to Ed, and Leon Leonwood Bean.

  4. Hey really was beautiful. I tried several times to capture a good angle to bring out it's color.

    Mr. Bean would be proud!