Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Have you ever gone back................

to the first place that you fished?

My nephew asked me and his dad if we would join him and his son fishing. We agreed to meet at the reservoir in the city where we all grew up save the youngster. I have not been there in so many years that I would be lying by putting a number to my guess.

I arrived early and for the most part the place hasn't changed.

Over the horizon Boston beckons.

My nephew was running late so I decided to take a walk around since it had been some time since I was here. During the winter we would skate here until it got dark and to the left of the picture above is a hill where we would go down on our sleds.

A full length view of the water.

A snapping turtle laying in wait.

Some ducks coming over to investigate.

Where I believe I caught my first Rainbow trout.

Many a fish was caught from these rocks.

This is where the hill is located that we would sled down during the winter.

Lots of wildlife along the shoreline.
By the time I finished my walk around the water, my brother-in-law showed up with coffee and my nephew was not to far behind him. We fished for a couple of hours and my nephew's son was the only one to catch anything (a sunfish). 

It was nice to go back and introduce a new fisherman to a place where much fun was had just a few miles outside of downtown Boston. 

How about you? Have you been back to the fishing hole where it all started for you? Was it the same?



  1. Not the first place cause its gone...progress.
    But the second place, yes I have.

  2. Get any goosebumps? When I went back to Florida (not the first place I fished, but by far the most memorable) in 1999 it was like that, goosebumps galore. Some things the same, some different.


    1. Hi Mark.....no goosebumps but quite a few smiles for sure. Some little things had changed and it is much cleaner.Thanks.

  3. No, I haven't been back, but plan to one of these days. I need some more puffballs.

    1. Hey Howard...I hope you get back soon and it is as you remember.

      Is puffballs code for mind altering substances or the just the orange colored snacks (or both)? :)


  4. Hi Alan......I hope it was progress that replaced your first fishing hole. Thanks.