Friday, May 18, 2012

What I like about blogging......what about you?

Not much to report on the fishing front except that NH has "Free Fishing Day" on June 2nd. I will be going to the White Mountains with my sons to fish some of the most beautiful streams that NH has to offer.

As I was reading Northern California Trout, Windknots & Tangled Lines and Small Stream Reflections last night, it occurred to me that while all three are different in some ways they all have one thing in common: they allow me to travel to places I may never visit. I realize that this is not an original observation but it struck me nonetheless. In addition, each of the men that write these blogs have shared their knowledge unselfishly and at least have helped me become a better fly-fisherman.

There are others who I read and marvel at their writing (Internal Mysteries anyone?) and still some others who I peak at and usually find a nugget of information that I find a spot for in my "back pocket".

If you read closely, then you may pick up on some of the subtle humor and personality that the person is conveying and others the subtlety is absent (you know who you are).

I also stop and wonder who are the people from all across the world who stop by, maybe read a post or two and perhaps return sometime later. Did they stumble on the site? Did they translate the blog and did it make sense to them? Were they able to learn something from the people who have passed on knowledge to me?

Then I tell myself I am thinking to much and remember the line in Stripes that Sgt. Hulka says: Lighten up Francis. I then turn on the television and watch Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory or one of the local professional sport teams and immerse myself in banality until the next wave of these questions comes crashing over me.

Lastly I enjoy the camaraderie of people who I have never met save two yet in this brave new digital world have shared thoughts, ideas, sarcastic remarks and sometimes gratitude for the places we live and the people we know and love.

 So what about you?


  1. Oh, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I've commented on many posts how nice it is to tour, not only our fair country, but the world through others writing and pictures. And I think most of us that blog have the idea of sharing our part of the country with others. I know I've traveled to many places I will never visit in person.


    1. Hi Mark......we have to be quiet or governments will start to tax our virtual traveling.
      Thanks for responding.

  2. Thanks for the mention Mac. Like you, I have pondered the very same questions. No precise answers yet except I enjoy talking to folks with different perspectives and from different places. Many of the blogs I read are from warm water places. I don't do enough warm water fishing, but I still enjoy the personalities. I've learned things from everyone of them...even if it's how not to...

  3. Hey are welcome even though a mention here is kind of like a tree falling in a forest with no witnesses.

    You are right about learning from others' mistakes.

    Thanks for commenting.

  4. Ed,
    I enjoy sharing my experiences, as well as reading of others.

  5. Hi is nice to see where others are fishing and getting help(thank you)from people more experienced than me.

    Looks like the Sox might be seeing Papelbon in the 9th inning tonight.It would be nice if they could put a L in his column.

  6. I completely agree. I think it's pretty cool to see how other people do things and to get insight into their point of view. I really enjoy the wide range of blogs and bloggers. East coast, west coast, north and south this country and this world for that matter is a pretty interesting place.

  7. Hi is pretty cool to "visit" all these places.