Thursday, May 3, 2012

This is what I was talking about.......

After I did my thing for work today, I headed down the road to Red Brook in Bourne MA. I have been here twice before without catching any fish. As Shakespeare wrote in Julius Caesar..."the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves....". I really didn't plan or research my trips I just kind of went because I was in the area. This time I did some reading in the Trout Unlimited's Winter publication that profiled this water. I started off at the section where the bridge spans the brook. I walked along the banks and tried to see if there were any rises or fish for that matter. I didn't see any rises but I did for the first time see bait fish and that was pretty neat. I made some casts to the runs, pools, overhangs, etc. without any hits. I decided to go up further then I had ever been before.

I stopped here for a bit and threw my line to avail.

This looked promising so I decided to go across.

I made it across without incident save that the board slipped into the water. I decided to fix it for anyone who came behind. 

My foot slipped off the rock and my shoe got wet.

Since I am looking for adventures, I decided to continue on and explore the brook a little further up because it looked promising.

This was where I was heading.

I wanted to get closer and throw a few casts to some of the places that look like trout might hang out.
In the upper right hand corner in the picture above there is a landing with grass and that was where I wanted to stand.

My shoe is sleeping with the fish.

What look like solid footing was a water soaked patch of grass and my foot sunk into the muck. When I tried to pull my foot out my shoe was missing and there was no way I was trying to get it back.

I was fortunate that other shoe only got waterlogged.

Fear not my fellow bloggers I still was not going to have this send me back to the car heading northbound.

I walked rather carefully back to the bridge and decided that I was going to take Alan's (brktrt) advice and cast a Mickey Finn. I threw that thing in the rapids, in pools, etc. without a hit. So I decided that I was going to go a little closer to the road and see what happens.

Heading to Buttermilk Bay.

As I let the line drift under the bridge, my line changed direction and I set the hook. For a brief moment of time, I had a fish on the line. I understand that this is called a long release and that is my story.

I will be back again because work brings me here every so often. The next time I will be more aware of the hazards and I have a place to target. You might have thought this was a bad beginning but it really was energizing. I look forward to my return here and my upcoming adventures throughout New England.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Sorry Mac, but I laughed while imagining your Celtic response to losing your shoe. Small price to pay for a lesson learned. Hope you didn't have to go back to work.

    1. Hey problem. You are correct if you envisioned me swearing with words that begin with F and S. I did have to go back to work but I went home first. I had to drive home barefoot.

  2. At least you gave it the "old college try" and I commend you for that. Just between you and me, unless the shoe was some old ratted out one, I'd have dug it out.


    1. was a good way to separate since they needed to be replaced and I didn't have the heart (hart if you could hear me) to throw them out. :)

  3. That lower part of the brook has given up a fish or two especially on an out going tide. That area at the bridge will give up some stripers as well.
    It's a tough stream to wade though.

  4. Hi Alan...thanks for the tips. I may be going back down there sooner than I thought.

    As for wading.....I agree and mine was unintentional for sure.

  5. hip boot Ed, they go on in under a minute and prevent the lost shoe scenario!

    i knew you were heading for trouble after the first wet shoe pic

  6. Hi Blake.....I may be picking up a pair to keep in the trunk just for this place. Alan (brktrt) told me this place is tough to wade.

    I wish you were there and could have warned me. :)

    The dunk added to the charm.

    Thanks for the tip.