Saturday, March 31, 2012

Creeping toward completion.........

Today my wife bought me a pair of LL Bean West Branch wading shoes and a pair of fleece pants to wear under my recently bought waders.

I believe the river by my house will be stocked next week and I can't wait.

I only "need" a couple of more things to complete my list for flyfishing.

I am starting to get psyched to begin flyfishing again.


  1. I love testing new gear like wadding shoes. Good luck with the gear and the fishing. I am looking forward to seeing the trout pics.

  2. We have to wait until the last Saturday in April unless we want to fish the lake or special regulation water. Based on last Thursdays slap & break, I'll be back out at Amador, shortly. Awaiting your report.


    1. Hey Savage.....thanks. This will be my first time wading so I am excited but apprehensive at the same time. If next Friday is nice out, then I am going to take off from work. Hopefully I won't end up on my ass.

      Hi Mark.....MA went to year round fishing sometime ago but I do miss opening day. If I get a fish, then I will post a picture. Thanks.

  3. Hey Mac, don't forget a wading staff. It'll help keep you from falling on your butt!

  4. Hey is definitely on my short list. Thanks.