Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Urgent! I need an opinion by 8;30 PM ET Tonight (2/21/12)

I have been all over creation the last two weeks (VT, NH, CT, RI) and today I am in Bangor Maine.

After I finished up what I needed to do today, I headed over to the hotel and what did I see? A LL Bean outlet.

I stopped in and found plenty of bargains and grabbed a pair of $100 polarized glasses with built in magnifiers (2X) for $17.95. For a cheap bastard like myself, it warmed my heart.

Here is where the urgency comes into play: I saw a 6'6" 4W LL Bean fly-rod for $59. Is this a good rod for small streams that I hope to go to this spring? Also, what type of reel do I buy for it? I am assuming a reel that is rated for 4W line but since I am relatively new to this I wanted to ask. I didn't see any 4W reels but I am really tempted to get a second fly-rod (especially since my son wants to learn).

One last question....I am assuming that it is no big deal to mix and match product (LL Bean, Orvis, etc.).

Thanks in advance to those who respond.


  1. Grab the rod.
    It's great for small to medium streams.
    You don't need to go 1st class on a reel. Beans has some good reel under 50.00. Also Orvis has 2 reels that would match up well with that rod, and they're under 50.00 too.

  2. For 59 bucks it can't be that bad. I have a 7 6 rod i use for trout. also a 4 wt. For reels i would get something small and a DT line for the small streams. And yes, you can mix and match products from different companies. Tibor reels can go on Orvis rods and bean lines cast with sage rods and so on.

  3. Hi Alan & Savage...I just got back from supper and saw your responses. I am back out the door now to grab the rod.

    Alan...what are the name of the Orvis' reels? On my way back home, there is an Orvis outlet in Kittery, Maine. I will stop by and see if they have those reels.

    Thanks guys I appreicate it very much.

    1. Ed,
      The Orvis reels are the Encounter LA and the Clearwater LA

  4. Well better late than never. I would also say grab the rod. I would also say stay inexpensive on the reel as well. An Orvis BBS should be a good small reel for that size rod. I know Orvis had discontinued some reels but don't know their prices. Just keep your eyes peeled and try to at least get a "name" reel.

  5. Hey Ed. I know it's past 8:30 back there, but this doesn't have anything to do with the rod. It has to do with Bangor, Maine. If you're a Stephen King fan you know a lot of weird stuff goes on in that town, so I'd pack up get the hell out of there. Just looking out for you, buddy.


  6. Thanks Alan....I will be on the look out for those tomorrow.

    Hey Howard.....thanks for the information. I appreciate it.

    I got the rod and it came with a carrying case (that was a surprise). I also found a pair of neoprene gloves for $12, a fleece hat for $5.95 and a $90 coat for $20.

    I had to get out of there before I lost control; however, the problem is that there is the LL Bean outlet store in Freeport Maine on the way home.

  7. Hi Mark.....I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary but I am leaving very early in the morning just in case :). Thanks.