Monday, February 13, 2012

Another fly and Sportsman Show visit

We tied another Carrie Stevens' fly last week. It is called Canary Custom and the instructor veered off a little because he didn't supply any red. I ended up making some adjustments to this so that it looked a little more as intended. This was not the final result and I will post it with the flies I do this Tuesday night.

This past Friday I went to a sportsman show in Worcester MA at the DCU Center.
As my brother-in-law and I entered the hall, I saw this sign below that caught my attention.

As we made our way around, we came upon a fly-casting lesson. The gentleman  mentioned a couple of thing that I wasn't aware of and I will try to practice them. He also demonstrated a roll cast and it reinforced what I was doing so I felt good about that and will continue to practice my method.

For those of you who have been doing this for a while, I saw a bunch of reels that I thought you might like. Below was one that I grabbed from the bunch.

Another class is coming up this Tuesday...................we'll see what the instructor decides to do since many in class will not be attending because of Valentine's Day.


  1. Hey Mac, don't let those vintage reels bite you, they're bad for your pocketbook.

  2. You are absolutely right Howard. I saw the price tag and returned it to its bin. Good advice since fly-tying looks like it is going to set me back some money soon.

  3. I see good improvement in you streamer.
    Stay with it Ed.

    Those Pflueger reels of USA origin have a following.

  4. When Mr. T said, I pity the fool, he was actually talking about me, fly tying, collecting reels and rods. No wonder I don't get out fishing much.

  5. Thanks Alan....I think I am fixing my mistakes. I hope with a better vise (one that swivels at least)I will be able to see my work easier. As for the reels, Howard is one of the followers.

    Howard...if you started fishing more often, then when would you have time to blog and entertain the masses? :)

  6. I'm looking for balance in my life and changing priorities this year. I wrote down all the hobbies and activities I participate in and threw them up in the air. The priorities were to be set in the order I picked them wife vacuumed them up.

  7. They say practice makes perfect, so practice, practice, practice. Oh yeh, and spend money too. The economy needs it. LOL.


    1. Hi Mark........I thought that was how you got to Carnegie Hall..... :)
      That is an old NYC joke. I couldn't help myself.
      As for spending money, I see cash registers in my future.