Thursday, January 26, 2012

Streamer time...........

Tonight was the last class for this section of the fly-tying sessions held by the MA Fish & Wildlife Department. The past three classes we tied two flies of the same pattern; however, tonight we would tie one streamer and then view a presentation by one of the instructors. The presentation was called Blooming Hatches and Simple Flies. The presentation was published in the MA Wildlife Magazine back in 2008. Here is the link to buy the magazine:

Taking shape.
My first streamer but not my last!
Tom's presentation.

The next session starts in two weeks. If the warm weather holds up, then I am going to take a day off from work and head to the Swift River and cast a fly into the "Y" pool. This is what I am hoping for:


  1. Ed,
    Well done.
    When you fish that streamer be sure your knots are strong, cause the trout that see it will viciously hit it.

  2. A lot more intensive class than I've taken. I see a trout with that fly in its mouth.


  3. Wow, Mac that's hot! Great looking streamer.

  4. Thanks Alan.....coming from you that means a lot since we all have seen your masterpieces. As for your advice about the knots, I think I tied if off at least three times every time it was needed so I hope that it will hold up. If I catch a trout on it and it falls apart afterward, then I would be ok with that too.

    Hey Mark....I am so glad that I found this class because I know that I would have been hard pressed (insert Boston accent here) to stick with it if I tried this on my own. I hope that you are right and I fool a fish with this one. Thanks for the kind words. By the way, did I mention this class is "free". It warms this Celtic's heart (no not the local basketball team but my ancestors from across the pond).

    Hi Howard.....I must confess here right now that you were right about me loving this class. I can't wait for the next session that will focus on streamers exclusively. I am hoping that they show us the "classics" so that I can focus on them; however, Mickey Finn won't be among them because the instructor told us he isn't impressed with that fly. I am hoping that he will forget about his prejudices and show us how to tie that fly. I told him that others swear by it (Alan I had you in mind) but it didn't seem to sway him much. He is a very nice gentleman and if I asked him I think he would show us. If it doesn't show up on the syllabus, then I will ask him if he can do the Mickey Finn anyway. I bought a couple at LL Bean and I would love to be able to tie it myself for when I go to Red Brook down the Cape this spring.

    Thanks again gentlemen. Have a good and safe weekend.

  5. That fly is going to look great in the water! Glad to see you are getting so much out of that class.

  6. Thanks Savage....I go back in a couple of weeks to focus on just streamers for four classes. I am looking forward to learning more and tying some other streamers. As I mentioned earlier, I hope we do a Mickey Finn. My guess is we will do some classics. The instructor is "old school".