Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cabin Fever broken.............

Today my brother-in-law and I went fishing at one of the local ponds. It was relatively cold (high 20s) but we have been out there in colder weather. We dressed accordingly and stayed for a couple of hours but did not have a single hit; however, it was nice to get out there and this was the earliest we have ever fished. The only company we had before some walkers and joggers showed up were the birds below.

Taking a break from holding the rod.

These are Black Scoters I believe.

Some ducks decided to stop by.

The Geese decided to cross the road (no I don't know why).


  1. Looked like one of those famous East coast "blue" days...shoulda stayed home in bed. Why do geese cross the road? For a cupa coffee, it's cold outside!

  2. One of those "some what" cool rod holders out of 3/4 PVC would have worked nice here. Then you don't have to hold the rod until something bites.


  3. Hey Howard..........those "blue days" occur on Sunday. :)

    Trust me it wasn't done for artistic reasons. I knew that something didn't look right but I posted them right away when I got home and then went right back out.

    I took these pictures with my phone and didn't change the flash setting from the other night when I was at the fly tying class. I should have used my camera.

    As for those cheap bastard geese, I wish they brought some of that coffee over to us.

    Have a good weekend.

  4. Hi Mark........where do you find them?