Friday, February 3, 2012

Red Brook Revisite'

I made my way to Red Brook today on my way home from work down the Cape. It was a little chilly but the sun was out and made it bearable. I was the only person casting today although there was a dog walker and two other folks walking along the brook.

I was going to use a Mickey Finn but decided to use a bead-head nymph instead.

This is where I started.

I am off to walk along a path to explore some.

You can see the bridge in the background I needed to cross.

This was to my left from spot above.
The grass along the brook's edge were very muddy and this limited my access. I only stayed for about 40 minutes and did not have any fish bump my fly nor did I see any evidence that there were any in the water; however, it was nice to break out the fly-rod and  cast a line upon the water. Next week my class for tying streamers begins and I can't wait to get back here when the weather is warmer and I have something that I tied to toss to the trout.


  1. Very pretty area. Hopefully things warm up sooner than later and you can get a little fish action.

  2. Pretty water Mac and I like your attitude.

  3. Hi is nice here. Not much of a winter here and I can’t wait for spring. Thanks.

    Hey Howard.....thank you sir. When are you going to make it out to VT for the fly fishing HOF? We can get you on some of these waters around here.

  4. Ed,
    That first photo, that's a great spot. You should have tossed the Mickey Finn there.

  5. Hi Alan......I have to go back next week so I will give it another shot. Do you think there will be any fish there this time of year based on your experience? I checked where it empties into and it was a residential area with no access. Thanks.

  6. That first photo is where the foot bridge is.

  7. Do you think that fish will be at the bridge area this time of year?