Sunday, December 11, 2011

I need new fishing partners..............

This morning I was suppose to meet my brother-in-law to do some fishing.

When I pulled up I didn't see his truck so I gave him a call. After three rings I knew I was fishing alone.

It wasn't a total waste..................I caught the sun coming up as I walked to "my" spot.

Just peeked over the horizon.
I also caught a rainbow trout and my brother-in-law showed up eventually with hot coffee and that was nice since it was around 32 degrees F. He also brought cigars that we smoked while we drank our coffee and I wrapped up my day on the water. 

On second thought............I am all set with regards to my fishing partner.


  1. The places I usually fish are a last minute decision. I'm afraid I'd be fishing where I want and my brother-in-law would be fishing alone.

  2. well, it sounds that your partner is pretty good. Cigars and warm coffee!

  3. Hey Howard.........I was being facetious. I am the one who is usually getting the phone call and bringing the coffee. are right. I was just trying to be funny because it was the second time in a month someone didn't make it. It was 22 degrees out when I got there and my brother-in-law didn't think I would go. When the the kids were younger he would have been right. He thought the phone call was for a cancellation.

  4. You can come out now Mac, I'm not mad about the ball game.

  5. Hey was tough at the beginning but eventually the Patriots adjusted and sped up the game on TT.

    I read your post about TT and agree that he is a good person. As usual, the media stirs up the controversy to bring "eye balls" to the story.

    The guy from the Chicago Bears gets caught selling pounds of heroin and it is a one day story (at least until he goes to court).

    Which person is more detrimental to the image of the league?