Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am paying for this microphone Mr. Green.................

The state of MA is holding four beginners fly-tying classes in January and to paraphrase Ronald Reagan ......I am paying for these classes Mr. Patrick (aka our current governor) .

As a result, I will be heading to the Department of Fish & Wildlife's HQ on four (most likely) cold nights in January. This is a small commitment on my part since this is about 50 miles from my house (one way) and each class is 90 minutes long. Please......not asking for tears or violins just stating facts.

If all goes according to plan, then I will take the next four classes in February.

If they allow me, then I will take some pictures during the classes and post them.


  1. Ed,
    That's great.
    Looking forward to that first fly.

  2. Mac, I think you will love those classes. It's a little bit scientific and a little bit artsy-craftsy and a lot of fun.

  3. Hey Alan...........thanks.
    I confirmed with them today. By the end of January there should be some facsimile of a fly to post.

    Hi Howard..........I think you are right and I am looking forward to them.

  4. I think you will have fun Ed can't wait to heart about the results I am thinking of taking the intermediate class at evening sun this winter.

  5. Thanks Mike.

    Check out the MA Wild Life website. They have an intermediate class in February that is free. Four classes that are two hours long. I plan on taking that one too but it is too far out to plan for now.