Friday, November 25, 2011 magnificent bastard!

I went to my newly found spot today and did a little exploring before throwing some lures.

I found a little stream that runs in between the two bodies of water (locally called the pits). This stream looks like it could be full of potential. I put a few casts out but nothing chased the lure; however, I did get to watch the current as the lure made it's way down stream.

The water was very clean.
As I made my way down the path, I caught a glimpse of my destination.

The water in the background is where I am heading.

After about three casts, this lovely fish was brought to hand and then released without incident.

This fish nailed the lure and then jumped out of the water after the hook was set.

After reading Mark's post over at Northern California Trout and talking to my co-worker, I went out and bought a 1/8 oz. Kastmaster. I always seem to catch a fish when I throw one of these out into the water. 

Wal-Mart Special!

After casting for another 30 minutes or so, I saw these ducks. There were hundreds of them and these are just a few of them.

They feel safe here because no one is shooting at them.

Well.....speaking of shooting tomorrow is the last day of pheasant hunting so I will be out the door early to try to get at least one more bird. 

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here and it will remain so until Monday.

I have a sense that the Kastmaster will get another "work out" soon.


  1. Nice fish. Kastmasters (not that I use them any more)always did the trick for me before FF. Good luck on the pheasant hunt.

  2. Thanks Howard......on both accounts.

  3. I stand before you, a humble teacher.


  4. I am not ready to snatch the pebble from your hand yet Mark but progress has been made. I appreciate the tips that people like yourself give me. It was the major reason why I started this blog almost a year ago.

  5. Have to agree with you, Ed, Kastmasters are a fine lure. I read Mark's post also. Like you, off I went to the local fishing store and some Kastmasters followed me home! Hope you have success with your hunt.

  6. Nice trout. I found a few ponds that i plan to fish the next time i am up in MA. I guess the waterfowl were flying through a "no discharge" town.

  7. Hi Mel.....Thanks. Mark should get a kickback from Kastmaster for the sales. I hope you find some fish at the end of the Kastmaster soon.

    Thanks Savage.....yeah Woburn doesn't allow shooting except at the gun club. Glad you found some ponds to fish. Better bring an auger if you come back in a month or so.

  8. Ed,
    I'm not familiar with this kastmaster but most are and they give it high marks.

    I guess it's now,

    Rommel, Newman and Kastmaster.

    Nice work on the rainbow.

  9. Thanks Alan.......I am glad that you picked up on the Patton reference and I forgot about Seinfeld.

  10. Ed, the auger and the rest of my ice gear is ready to go, we just need some cold weather and ice. I plan to hit a pond in Westwood and a bigger lake that is right of 90 in Natick. Remember MA has a lead ban starting Jan 1 for fishing

  11. Hey Savage.....the lake in Natick is Lake Cochituate. I have been there many times and caught rainbows. It is visited year round by fisherman.

    Last year I saw a guy pull a couple of yellow perch out of there while he was ice-fishing.

    Thanks for the tip about the lead. I will spread the word.