Saturday, November 19, 2011

The birds are safe for another week!

I went pheasant hunting this morning and winged a rooster and my brother-in-law had to finish what I started. Right before I saw the bird my brother-in-law and I were saying how frustrating it has been not getting a bird.

This is the second week in a row that I took a shot at a  bird. Last week I missed the rooster completely and tracked the bird for 15 minutes without success. I forgot that I have a pump shotgun and not an auto...........pulled the trigger on my second shot without pumping!

Next week is the last week for pheasant hunting so I am going to try and get out on Wednesday, Thanksgiving Day and the following Saturday.

As for fishing, I am meeting a co-worker tomorrow morning to do a little trout fishing at a local pond. If I have any luck, then I will post some pictures.


  1. I've only pheasant hunted a couple of times. I could never get past jitters that caused me to pull my shots or fire too soon or too late. Good luck.

  2. Morning Ed. The one and only time I went Pheasant hunting with my father (age 8 or so), he let me shoot the 12 gauge. I aimed at the ground and shot the limbs off the tree.


  3. Good luck with the birds. a stuffed pheasant sounds pretty good. Can you recommend any good fishing holes? I will be up visiting my in-laws a few times this winter. I will be in the Norwood/Westwood area.

  4. Hey Savage..........I have fished Lake Cochituate in Natick that is not to far away. Here is a link with some tips: Also, you could go to Jamaica Pond (tough parking) or Walden Pond in Concord. Of course there is always Deer Island.....If there are any other folks from MA, then please don't hesitate to chime in for the man.

    Hi Mark......I have witnessed that. A .410 is better for younger people to start off.

    Hey Howard....I understand and thanks.

    These are the last few days so I am hoping to get a bird or two. I also will be posting my exploits from Sunday later.