Saturday, October 15, 2011

The pellets were falling from the sky.............

Pheasant season started today and before we got into the woods one of the hunters bagged a bird.

Shortly thereafter the silence was broken again by another blast that put another bird in a vest's pouch.

I ventured off on my own and worked a section that last year held birds. I thought I covered the area thoroughly but as I was leaving a fellow hunter was entering with his dog. The next thing I hear is two shots ring out. The person said he missed the bird. I can't say that I believed him but I started back toward the area I last saw my brother in law. As I turn a bend in the path, I see my brother in law grinning......yes I know you got a bird by the stupid grin. 

I removed the feathers for the benefit of the squeamish.

We walked for another 30 minutes until it was time for my brother in law's friend to leave to bring his dog to the vet. I got the word later in the day that the dog was joining us next week. I am looking forward to having the dog joining us for our walk in the woods.

I made my way back home and drove by one of the ponds that is within Harold Parker. I didn't want to go home without having felt like getting up early was worthwhile. The beauty of the pond tugged me over to the side of the road.

The Largemouth couldn't resist.

I made a couple of more casts and was amazed when a blugill took the Rapala.

I felt a little better and headed home......................


  1. Sounds like a exhausting, but fun day to me.

  2. It really was a good day PB Man. My brother-in-law and I went back out later in the day. As we made our way through the woods to our destination, we got caught in an unexpected storm and had to head back. We were soaked but still glad we tried again to get out there. Thanks. are absolutely right. I love pheasant hunting and it can be tiring but in a good way. We are expecting to have a dog with us this weekend. I also am trying to get in as much fishing (any kind really) as I can before the ice comes.

  3. Ed,
    Next week we will be in the uplands seeking the woodcock.....bird hunting in beautiful fall surroundings, is tops.

  4. Hey Alan.....I love this time of year and best wishes on the woodcock hunt. My brother-in-law shot one a few years ago and those birds are fast.