Monday, November 21, 2011

A discovery.........

On Sunday I was suppose to meet a co-worker for some trout fishing at a nearby pond.

As I approached our planned meeting location, I didn't see his vehicle. I made my way toward the fishing spot we agreed to and I still didn't see him. As a result, I decided to call an "audible" and took the "road less traveled and it has made all the difference." (all due respect to Robert Frost).

This is a view of the pond that I have not seen before.
As I made my way down the "road", there was another side to this pond that I never glimpsed before. Less than a 1/4 mile from the area below is a major intersection in an industrial city. 

A raft of ducks coming my way.

More birds as I walk along the water.

I didn't notice these ducks until I nearly passed them.
I fished several of the bodies of water that I "discovered" but didn't catch any trout; however, I did catch a small pickerel. 

As I made my way back to the car, I had one more encounter with residents of the pond.

They must of "thought" I had food.
When I got to work today I admonished my co-worker for "blowing me off" and he gave me some lame excuse about doing something called a "honey do list". He gave me some lures to use next time so I forgave him. I plan on going there this upcoming Sunday. My goal is to catch some of the trout holdovers that people say are in these waters.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  1. Well, you "discovered" new water, caught a fish (although snake is more appropriate)and guilted your friend into giving you some lures. I'd call that a successful day! Have a happy Thanksgiving Mac.

  2. Hey Howard....when you put that way it was a successful day. And you aren't too far off about the "snake" comment. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and you find the thief who stole you poll data.

    Hi Dustin...I think all men hate those "honey do" lists except those men who stand in line for Twilight movies.

  3. No Twilight movies for me. Watch out for the geese. We have a city north of Sacramento that has a pond in the middle of town with a "Beware of the geese" sign. Nasty critters.


  4. Nice Pickerel! The swans are Mute Swans. They are an invasive specie; however, they are protected under the migratory bird act. Did I mention they do not migrate. Total BS. Nice to see the Mallards and Canadas.

  5. Hi Ed,
    Good to see you posting again. The swift is looking real good right now if you don't mind the crowds. Plenty of fish to see. Though still hard to catch.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  6. Hey Ed,
    Nice fish. Never pass up water, you just never know.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Hey Mark......around here the Canada geese are the bigger problem. They back up traffic, shit all over the place and are just a plain annoyance. Also, I have had more problems with turkeys but I will keep my distance from the Mute Swans in the future. Thanks for the "heads up".

    Hey Savage....thanks and I believe that is the first pickerel I have caught in several years. By the way, I saw some blue heron also but didn't get a picture. This place (Horn Pond in Woburn MA) might be a good place to fish while you are in MA. There is large mouth bass, trout, crappie, etc. here. You can get a great view of it on Google maps.

    Hi Mike.....thanks. I have been traveling for work so I haven't had the chance to do much lately. I am definitively going to get out that way after the New Year. Lets try to set a day aside and go there. We can make plans as the time gets closer.

    Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  8. Hi Alan....Thanks. I was hoping for a trout but it was nice to catch something. You are right but not passing up a body of water.

    I hope you and your wife have a Happy Thanksgiving too. Thanks.