Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall in the air & I am wandering about..............

I went fishing Friday and Saturday even though it rained most of Saturday.

On my way back from Maine on Friday I did some scouting and found a spot on the Merrimack River. I didn't catch anything but the location looks promising.

The river is heading to the Atlantic Ocean.

To the right is an island & some fallen trees with nice current.

After I went to the office and finished up my week, I headed home and stopped by this body of water that is on the way home. I have tried my luck here in the past without any success and nothing changed this time; however, it is stocked and over the next month or so I hope to change my catch ratio. Below is a view of Silver Lake.

Silver Lake runs along a state highway but gets little pressure.

On Saturday, I went to Horn Pond because I was told it was stocked with some rainbows and broodstock. It rained off and on but I went anyway and again got "skunked". It was worth it because some of the signs that fall is upon us presented themselves.

This was one of several badelynges that I saw.

A swan with her cygnets and her mate in the background.

I am taking a map and compass class that the state of MA offers this weekend to improve my outdoor skills. I hope to get out fishing on Columbus Day. 


  1. Being in surroundings as above you need not catch fish.


  2. Were you in Maine for business or pleasure, i.e. fishing, if so whereabouts? And I too have to hone up on my compass and map skills!

  3. There has to be fish there! And good luck with your class...I've done a bit of orienteering...interesting, and great fun!

  4. Hi are absolutely right about the surroundings being the an award in and of itself.

    PB Man..I go to Maine for work a few times a month. One of these times I hope to do some fishing.

    Thanks Erin. I am sure that there are fish in all the places I have gone lately. I just have to find them. As for the class, my oldest son and I are looking forward to it. He does a lot of climbing and hiking in NH (see my August 21 post).

  5. Glad to hear you haven't had to give it up quite yet. The class on using a compass and map is a great idea. I could use that myself.

  6. Hey Howard....there is no end to the season here in MA. I can fish all year if I want. I have been threatened by a co-worker in the past that he will take me ice fishing. I usually shut it down after Thanksgiving. Perhaps this year I may do some fly-fishing out in the western part of the state where I am told there is some open water all year and hold over trout strike.

    As for the map & compass class, I am looking forward to it and spending some time with my oldest son.