Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting itchy

Today was better than expected and rain is on the way.
I left work early today and did a little fishing.

I fished a local pond first with no fish to hand but I did take this picture. If you look closely way in the back, then you can see that the leaves are starting to change their colors.
I then went to the river I usually fish and again no fish; however, I was able to take the picture below. You may not be able to see the highway but Interstate 93N lurks in the background.

Hopefully the weather is nice this weekend because I am hoping to go trout fishing and striper fishing.

The state of MA is going to be stocking selected lakes and rivers this week.


  1. I went to Deer Island for the first time yesterday. The place ran the rate payers around 4 billion to build. I went for a 4 hour tour of the place, and it is a wonderful facility. The pathway around the island looks great for fishing as well as the shore line around Winthrop, if you can handle the air traffic.

  2. Hey was a beast to build and cost a king's ransom but it changed the harbor for the the better forever (I posted some pictures back in July or August that show the harbor's clean water).

    The pathway you saw is where I go (I posted a pictures during the summer). As for the noise, I am use to it so it doesn't bother me.

    I may be heading to Deer Island this weekend because I am told the stripers are around.

    Someone I know caught a 48" striper off Revere Beach (it is next to Winthrop) last week. We might head there too if it isn't packed now that the word is out about the stripers being around.

  3. Ed..I am going to dress some fall fish soon....I went out a few weeks ago but struck out....I have a good feeling about october

  4. Hi Mike....the next few weekends are busy but lets try and get out on one of the small streams out your way.

  5. That sounds good had been two weeks sinceI have been out. Though this sunday my son and I are doing a fishing trip with his cub scout troop.