Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Trying to keep an even keel.................

As I get ready for my trip to Lyman Reserve this week, I have read several articles about the restoration of this river last night. I also watched the New Fly Fisherman show last night.

The guy on the show caught a couple of brookies in the six to seven pound range up in Canada. I don't expect to catch a fish that size but I have to tamper my expectations because an otherwise wonderful trip could be spoiled. I have been "skunked" enough that I won't be crestfallen if I don't catch a fish. I  go with the goal to catch at least one fish. If I don't, then I appreciate the time on the water, my surroundings and also try to learn some lessons from it all. Hey....I am fishing what is to be bummed out about!

I will be heading to LL Bean today to pick up some Mickey Finns. According to an excellent source (Alan aka brktrt), this fly has attracted fish in the past on this body of water. Alan also was kind enough to help with the directions. I downloaded a map that shows trails, parking, etc. There is a nearby casting pool that I am going to check out. I hope to fish the mouth of  the river too where it empties into Buttermilk Bay.

This is where I am heading: Red Brook

The weather has been lousy for the past several days (rain,rain and more rain) and the next few days are suppose to nice (sun, sun and more sun). I am looking forward to this trip and will post my adventures tomorrow night.


  1. I've got some Mickey Finns in my arsenal for Brookies. I hope you do good. May the force be with you.


  2. Thanks Mark.

    I got two Mickey Finns today at the LL Bean store near my house. I am off in a few minutes to put my stuff together.