Monday, August 1, 2011

OK....I am a Homer.

No I am not referring to that cartoon dad on television or the Greek poet who wrote Iliad and the Odyssey.

I had to go into Boston today for work and it was another beautiful day here so I decided to walk around.

I started at the Boston Garden and took these pictures.

Patrice Bergeron hoisting the Cup.
I then left the Garden and saw this...............the recreation of the winning goal of the 1972 Stanley Cup.
Bobby Orr

I then made my way toward Quincy Market and captured this image along the way. This is one of the many  characters who served as a politician and jail time for MA. His name is James Michael Curley (His Honor) and the character in The Last Hurrah was based on him.
James Michael Curley
The next bronze statue is of Kevin White (KW) who served as mayor of Boston from 1968 to 1984.
Kevin White

I then made my way to Quincy Market and walked around for a little while.

This next picture is about as close as I have gotten to a fish lately.

As I made my way out of Quincy Market, I saw these two reenactment actors.

The next thing I saw was the old State House. Scenes from the HBO John Adams mini-series were filmed here.

I took a left onto State Street and made my way down to the harbor. Here are several pictures as I made my way back to the train station.

Rose Kennedy Greenway

One view of the harbor.

The Aquarium

Another view of the harbor.

The water wasn't always this clean.

This is a statue of Christopher Columbus. My next stop (North End) is behind the statue.

This was my view as I had a slice of pizza.

This is my favorite bakery (Modern Bakery) and I usually get something here after I eat. Today was no exception as I got a ricotta cannoli.

The tour is over and I only scratched the surface of what Boston offers. I hope that I piqued your interest in visiting our fair city. 



  1. Nice! I've take a slice of pizza with a view!

  2. Hey Howard.....that place is my favorite place to get pizza in Boston. I am actually heading back to the North End again this weekend with my wife, my sisters and my brother-in-law. There are stores where you would think you were in Italy.

  3. Boston is a nice city. I think they need Rudy Giuliani to clean up the pan handlers and squeege guys though. My wife is from Boston and we go a lot.

  4. Thanks Savage.

    Rudy did kick ass in NYC and made it so much better to visit there.

    Funny you mentioned pan handlers because one guy hit me up outside the Garden. At first I told him no but he was so polite that I caught up with him and gave him some money. I usually don't give money to pan handlers.

    Restaurant Week is coming up soon. Check it out:

  5. Ed,Ed,Ed,

    The photos, all wonderful for sure.

    Whats missing........... FENWAY, and Charlie, on the MTA

    I love that dirty water..........

  6. Hi Alan...thanks about the pictures.

    I didn't have time to get over to Fenway but I have a picture that I took from my seat back in May that I will post later. I also have a picture of the Boston skyline with the Charles in the forefront. I will post that too.

    I will also post a picture of my Charlie Card and a picture of a plaque about the T that I took outside the Garden. I didn't think anyone would be interested but it reminded me of all the times I use to go into Boston as a kid on the T. It had some nice pictures.

    As for the dirty water, the Charles River has been cleaned up for years; however, thanks to YouTube we will always have the Standells' version: