Sunday, July 31, 2011

What a catch!

Now that I have your attention..................

I actually went striper fishing this morning and I didn't get a fish but I did find the plug below that got caught on the rocks and broke off. I lost some weights, hooks, etc. last week so I was happy to find this along the rocks.

The weather was absolutely beautiful all weekend. Below are a few pictures of the city and the other views from where I was fishing from.
Boston skyline
Islands in Boston Harbor.

 After fishing, I went into the North End of Boston with my wife, my wife's sister and my wife's brother-in-law. There was a celebration called Madonna Della Cava. The history is here: Madonna. Below I captured the tradition where dollars are placed on the statue. We had some good Italian food after the parade.

After enjoying an adult beverage, we walked to the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Geenway (RFK) on the way to Faneuil Hall (FH). RFK Greenway replaced the elevated interstate highway and now is an oasis that connects several Boston neighborhoods. Below is a picture of the Custom House (CH) and here is it's history (wikipedia).

We had a busy weekend with several family parties and getting into the city. 

Oh yeah ...I was skunked on the fishing equation but just being out there was good stuff. I may head to the Cape this coming weekend so there probably will be some more fishing in the works. 


  1. Hey good for you Mac. You've got you're priorities in order as far as I can see.

  2. Nice job finding the plug, add it to the collection, but change the hooks. Looks like a fun summer day in Boston.

  3. Striper fishing, Italian festival, tackle recovery, and so much American history. Who needs fish.
    Great photos.

    My son was there on Saturday, across the harbor, from Logan.

  4. Hi Howard.....Thanks. I am trying. Now if I could only hit the lottery to do this stuff everyday.

    Savage.....believe it or not but the hooks are in good condition. The person must of lost it recently. I am going to change them though as well as the hooks on my plugs. Any suggestions on brand and size? I need a boat (see comments about lottery above). Thanks.

    Hi Alan...thanks about the pictures and we did fit a lot in yesterday. The Feast of St. Anthony is in August between the 26th-29th ( and is an excellent time. Now that the kids are older my wife have been going in every year again. You should think about going. Did your son catch anything? I was on Deer Island which is in Winthrop across from Logon Airport .

  5. Ed,

    He enjoys photographing the aircraft. The area provides him with some beautiful shots

  6. I actually took a picture of a FedEx plane taking off but didn't post it because I didn't think anyone else would care. That is a great place to take pictures of the planes. Has he ever gone to Manchester NH (MHT) or Portland Maine (PWM) airport? In today's day and age it is unbelievable how close you can get to the runway's at those locations. I have had planes fly above me at MHT no more than 200 feet. The craziest location is on St. Martin. We were there in June. This is not my video but I can attest that it isn't fake:

  7. Hey Mac, I just realized that Cheers is missing.

  8. Howard...we actually passed Cheers in Faneuil Hall. I passed up the picture. If I get back there this weekend I will get you a picture.