Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Passing Milestones.........

No I am not talking about  Justin Pedoria's hitting streak.

I am talking about my 100th post and over 3400 page views. I know that others have said similar things when they reached some milestones but.........

First of all, I never believed that when I started this blog I would have written 100 times about my adventures. Furthermore, I am even more astonished that over 3400 sets of eyes took the time to check out what I had to say. This is a perfect segue to say thank you to all of you who have stopped by and read the blog. Please continue to stop by even if you don't want to comment.

As for fishing, I am going striper fishing this weekend. I got some advice from a guy at work who is a very knowledgeable striper fisherman and I am going to apply his tips. He offered to take me to his favorite places next week and I am going to take him up on that. It is on the North Shore of Massachusetts (Rockport). My guess is I will get skunked this weekend when I am by myself but I will have pictures next week when I go with the guy from work.

Well back to watching the Red Sox.....................


  1. Positive thoughts Mac. Eventually everything comes together...then comes unwound again.

  2. Nice job on the 100th post. As for the bass try the white 7.5 inch Slug-go. We have been doing well with them during the first 2 hours of the day. Also don't forget to throw a plug with a loud rattle, like the storm chug bug.

  3. Congrats on your milestone.
    Enjoy your time on the water.

  4. Hey the ebb and flow of the ocean. Thanks for the reminder about a positive attitude. I went golfing yesterday and had to invoke that mindset.

    Hi Savage....Thanks for the congratulations and the advice. I have less experience with salt water fishing than fly-fishing so I can use all the help I can get. I will swing by the tackle store and grab some your suggestions.

    Alan....thank you sir.

  5. Get out there and have some or not :-)

    Congrats on the milestones, it's pretty cool. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks Sanders for the encouragement, the congratulations and the kind words. I plan on getting out there this weekend.

  7. Ed,
    Congrats...good luck with the stripers...are you throwing lures or fly fishing....I have b een on three amateur outings this year with one bass (on a chunk of mackeral). Do if you are going with someone who knows what he is doing you'll do fine.

    finally got the kids deep sea fishing....60 mackeral landed. That got them excited.

  8. Thanks Mike on both accounts.

    I am using frozen mackerel but once in awhile I throw a Kastmaster or plug.

    That is awesome that you guys caught that many fish. Where did you go out of?

  9. Yeah it was pretty exciting...we went out with Eastmans in Hampton.

  10. I never heard of them but I checked their website.
    They are close to the house. What boat did you go out on? I may do a half day trip soon.