Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Homer Part Deux

Alan (aka Brk Trt) asked me why I did not post a couple of items on my walking tour of Boston on Monday.

Without further delay here they are.........
My Charlie Card for the MBTA

Here is a video (MTA) that shows the T system using a song that was popular during a campaign for the Mayor of Boston in 1949. Here is the history behind the song History.

While I wasn't near Fenway Park the other day I was asked about it. So here is a picture I took back in May of this year. The Sox were playing the Angels and I left after staying over 60 minutes in a rain delay. The game got over at 2:45 A.M. and the Sox lost 5-3 in the 13th inning.

Here is a picture that gave some history of the elevated T. I took these trains into Boston as a kid and the pictures brought back some good memories but I am glad they were replaced for a lot of reasons (e.g. the stench). The sign was outside the Boston Garden. Here is some background if you are interested: T


  1. I think I was related to on my favorite songs from my kidhood. Thanks Mac!

  2. Hey are welcome and an official "non-resident" Bostonian now.

    You are welcome Alan. Maybe the next posting will be a Cape visit that may be in the works.