Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mt. Chocura in NH

I have not been fishing for a while and today was no different; however, last week my oldest son asked me if I wanted to go for a hike. I agreed and off we went today. We drove about 115 miles from my house to the White Mountains National Forest in NH. My son had climbed Mt. Chocura (INFO)  about five times but this was my first time.

The last time I went hiking was about three years ago with my youngest son. We climbed Bubble Mountain when we visited Acadia National Park: Bubble MTN. In case you decided not to check this mountain's facts, it's elevation is 872 feet. If you didn't check the link for Mt. Chocura, then let me tell you that it is nearly 3500 feet. 

Like some of you I didn't check the details of Mt. Chocura beforehand either. That was a mistake that I won't make again when I go hiking.

The hike started nice enough. After a relatively short time we came upon a beautiful river that ran along the trail. Now I looked for native trout but I was not successful (sounds familiar). The water was gin clear and cold.

The trail was very rocky, steep but shrouded by trees as we made our way to the top. I can't recall having expended so much energy in such a long time; however, it was well worth it when we got to the top.

Mount Washington is in the background.
The trip back down was easier but still tough on the legs. We made it back to the car a few minutes before a vicious storm rolled through.
My wife is going to make the next trip but my son and his girlfriend are going to find one not so challenging out of the gate for my wife.
August is almost over and my youngest son will be off to URI in two weeks. Fall fishing is calling me and I can't wait.

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