Monday, August 22, 2011

Ever have one of those moments?

What am I talking about? Well have you agreed in theory that something was a good idea but that is as far as it went. Then that time comes and you came face to face with that idea and your thinking about said idea is changed and deepened. That happened to me today about the National Seashore & Wildlife Refuge sites throughout the United States..

I was in Newburyport MA today for work. I was a short ride from Parker River National Wildlife Refuge (Parker River). I have never been here before even though it is a relatively short trip from my house. So I decided to skip lunch and go over and I am glad that I did.
To the ocean.

When I made my way to the beach I saw a fisherman going for stripers.

I made my way back to the car and headed toward the end of the refuge. Here are a few pictures along the way.

This path led to another section of the beach.

This was the view waiting for me at the end of the walk way.
I got back in the car to continue my way to the end. Here a couple of more pictures.

This is a marsh that is home to numerous birds. Here is a group of ducks.

Here is a bird that was right off the road so I pulled over and got this picture.

Here is the wind bending the grass along a path to the ocean.
I finally made it to the end of the island and this is when I had that moment. This place was so beautiful that it immediately recruited me in the cause to keep this place pristine.  

The tide was coming in.

Some drift wood among the rocks.

Some more drift wood.

A view looking back from the shoreline.

One of the few lobster traps washed ashore.

The water was crystal clear.
The area across from the beach is Crane's Castle.

Here is the history of Crane's Castle: Castle

On Wednesday of this week I will be down the Cape for work and will be very close to the Cape Cod National Seashore (Cape). I plan on going to Eastham and get some more pictures of one of the national treasures that is protected. If you are a lover of lighthouses, then you may want to check back because there is one on the section of the beach that I plan to visit. 


  1. Just one look would be enough to make me fall in love. Once they're gone, only lots of time can bring them back.

  2. Hey really was beautiful. It is a bird sanctuary so it is visited mostly by "birders". So the beach is usually empty especially during the week I was told.

    This month celebrates the 50th anniversary of JFK signing the Cape Cod National Seashore legislation. Here is the link if you are interested:

    That is where I am heading this Wednesday. Since I am not fishing I figured I would chronicle my travels in New England during the summer.

  3. It is a beautiful place.
    Lots of buried pirate treasure in that area, especially Plum Island.

    Good salty fishing too.

  4. Hi Alan....I'll have to pay sharper attention when I am back there. Once the stripers start there run back down the coast I may go there to fish. There is also a place to duck hunt. I have been wanting to duck hunt for a while so I may give it a try. Wednesday it is onto the Cape Cod National Seashore. The weather looks like it will be nice so I hope to get some good pictures. I may take 495 home and stop in Wareham to do a little fly-fishing in Red Brook. What type of fly do you think I should use?

  5. Nice looking place. Even better for Bass fishing and duck hunting. Hope you can spend some more time at these types of places.

  6. Thanks Savage. It really is nice and there are some great seafood places to eat nearby.

    I will be heading back for sure to do some fishing this fall. The Cape is tomorrow but it is much farther and not practical unless I am there for work.

  7. Ed,

    I would use a streamer. Mickey Finn, Gray Ghost, sizes 8 and 10. An elk hair caddis dry, size 14.

  8. Thanks Alan.

    It looks like I am going to have some good weather.