Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dreams Postponed

I drove by the river that is near my house on the way home from work today. I don't think I'll be fishing anytime soon here.
Somewhere there is a river that they stock rainbows in the fall.
This is about 1/2 mi from the picture above.
This is another view of the location above.
This is a couple of miles from the above location.
This is one of the banks of the river.
The water is very high.
This is what it usually looks like (except after storms, etc.).
This is a view from the bridge. The ice is breaking up.
Here is the same view in the fall.
This is where I want to fish (~ 1/2 mi. from above).
This is across the street from above (nice water contrast).


  1. Wow, that looks like nice water. I'd be anxious too! Is that Buckingham Palace?

  2. That is an old mill building that now is office space. I have fished there with my spinner reel but never caught anything but I have seen people catching rainbows on PowerBait. I found a blog that gave me some tips that I intend to employ when fly-fishing here.

  3. Mac, that is seriously pretty. I hope sometime you'll post more photos of this area.

  4. You know Howard it runs along a railroad track, under an interstate, along a two lane road, etc. but it definitely has beautiful spots and a good stretch of it is literally five minutes from my house.

    I will post more pictures as the seasons change. It is a 25 mile long river and it dumps into the Merrimack River (http://shawsheen.org/river.php).

    Before I got into fishing, it didn't mean much to me and I get the sense that many people have the same view of it as I did. Just as well because that means all the more for me!