Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What is in your vest (try to keep it clean Howard)?

Well the snow is melting as evident by the overflowing river near my house and the time is quickly approaching for my first fly-fishing adventure.

As some of you may remember, I recently bought my first fly-fishing vest and I have loaded and attached the usual suspects in and onto the vest (e.g. hemostat).

What would a neophyte not know to bring?.


  1. The one things I added, besides all the tippets, hemostats, clippers, and all the floatant stuff is a fish counter. Sometimes a day will get away from you and you think to yourself, five?, seven?, twelve?. I just can't remember.


  2. Mark.....If I have that problem I will be a happy fisherman. Thanks for the tip and reminding me about clippers. I will be adding it to the list.


  3. Let's see...I use a small chest pack so I am pretty minimal:
    Fly box, extra leaders, tippet spools, floatant, split shot, indicators, my reel, my net, wadding staff, nippers, hemostat, water, water proof case for my cell phone, polarized sun glasses.

    Ok that doesn't sound so minimal....with exception of the water all my stuff is together so I grab my pack, rod, waders, and boys and I am ready to go....if the weather looks bad a rain coat goes in they're too.

  4. I use a chest pack.
    Two fly boxes
    Tippet spool, 6x F.C.
    Multi tool
    Nippers, Flotant
    Stream thermometer
    A small first aid kit

  5. Mike.....the cell phone case and split shot was not on my list so thanks.

    Alan.....thermometer and first aid kit would have slipped by me. Thanks for the info. By the way, I bought a couple of flies yesterday (bee & grasshopper) at Cabela's in Maine (don't tell Howard you know how he hates those places)based on your post the other day. I spoke to a guy at work who I just found out is an avid fly-fisherman up in Maine and he agreed with your premise wholeheartedly. So on the way home I stopped by the store. They didn't have a great selection and that sort of surprised me. Bass Pro Shop had so much more of a fly selection than Cabela's.

  6. Morning Ed. My "journal" is a document I keep on my computer, so I do entries after I get home. I do carry a notebook in my backpack just in case I want to write something so I don't forget.


  7. Ed,
    Could you provide me your email address?
    You can send it to me via my email if you like.

  8. Okay, so accuse me of having my mind in the gutter again, but don't forget a roll of toilet paper. I'm going to pass on the cheap jokes.

  9. Very practical Howard. I better bring bug spray also now that I think about it.

  10. Super glue! Just make sure that it has a really good lid. It can save the life of your flies and your life. I could probably make a big list of times I've used super glue. You just never know when it comes in handy.

  11. Thanks BCFN. It will be added to the list.