Monday, March 7, 2011

Hatch Guide for New England Streams Updated

Alan (and Mike seconding the idea) I wanted to thank you guys for suggesting this guide. I will be reading it tonight.

The guide arrived today in the mail and I felt like Navin R Johnson (Steve Martin's character in The Jerk)  The new phone book is here! It is going to be very helpful to this neophyte.

I bought it on eBay from The Book Angler Click Here. Not only did I get the book quickly, it was in excellent shape and he sent along a personalized thank you postcard (a Badger Creek Tragopan fly gracing the cover). I will post a picture of it tomorrow.

In the Acknowledgments, the author recognizes Jim Schollmeyer for setting the standard with Hatch Guide for Western Streams (eBay).  He has a lot of books on tying flies too (eBay).


  1. Very cool. Two things that I carry with me at all times are my Delorme Colorado Atlas and Gazetteer and Colorado's Best Fishing Waters and a throw in the back of the SUV rod and reel. You can never tell when you are going to have a fishing emergency.

  2. Hey Howard,
    I just checked out Delorme's MA Atlas and Gazetteer and I am going to get one. No wonder why you keep it in the SUV. It is going to be a great tool. Thanks for the tip. Man this fly-fishing just keeps on costing me money.

  3. Ed I have been reading my copy the last few nights. There is so much to absorb about the various insects and how to put that to use on the stream. I am also trying to extrapolate to get a feel for additional flies I should have in my box.

    My Massachusetts gazateer never leaves my car....I just need to remember my New Hampshire one when I head north.

  4. One big mistake fly fisherman make is trying to get started with every possible fly some expert recommends. You could have every fly ever made and not catch a fish. Sometimes they just don't want anything. Pick out 8 or 10 flies and stock up on them cause you'll always catch a tree or two.