Sunday, March 13, 2011

Breakfast with The Beatles

As The Beatles played in the background, nearly half a dozen fisherman cast into the cold water in the hopes of landing the elusive broodstock salmon. The word had spread that a monster fish was almost landed yesterday and that a few other lunkers were actually caught. Based on the weather forecast for the week the ice should be gone and the fact that the fishing report for the area will be posted tomorrow the amount of fisherman will increase dramatically.

 The quarters were tight but there were no issues with anybody fighting for a spot. Unfortunately, the monster remained hidden beneath the surface while we were there but my brother-in-law's friend caught two holdover rainbow trout (~18 inches). Sorry that there are no pictures but he is camera shy.

The picture below shows the small area that is finally breaking free from the winter's clutches. The person with the dog told me he was ice fishing here last week and the ice was 14" thick.

The rainbows that were caught today were taken on the other side of this walkway. There is a pipe that connects the cove to the main body of water.

I will be back before next weekend to try again and even though it was cold it was nice to be fishing again. That was the sentiment of everyone there today too.


  1. "Breakfast with the Beatles" is always a great way to start Sunday morning. I'm listening to a tribute to George as I write this. Glad to hear you got out and the photo is really nice.

  2. Nice picture! Ice out is a special time for some good fishing if you hit it just right. Some bigger fish can be had that is for sure!

  3. Thanks Howard. They were playing a lot of McCartney because he got married this week to Linda. Lennon married you know who the next weekend. Do you have the Tribute to George DVD (excellent but to much Ravi music for my taste)?

    Thanks Mel. This was the first year I ever got out fishing before all the ice melted. If it wasn't for the phone call about the "huge" broodstock I would have stayed home and read the Boston Globe's sports section but I am glad I went.

  4. We've got about 2 more weeks and the ice should be open upcountry. I can't wait. that looks just like a place where I'd be dunkin bait.


  5. Hey was nice just to be out there and I am sure you will feel the same way. This winter has been a killer on everybody.

    This pond is about 5 miles north of Boston in an industrialized city (the water is in a residential neighborhood) but it gets action year around.

    There is another pond in Boston ( they stock heavily that I plan to fish this year.

    I am the wandering fisherman.............

  6. I think I do have he tribute DVD and I agree with too much RS. I need to catalog my stuff.

  7. From the photo, The song Good Day Sunshine, would be appropriate.

  8. you are right. That would of been apropos. I saw McCartney do that a few times and it never gets old.

    Howard....I have to do the same thing with my collection but I always find something else to do instead. Sort of like exercise.....whenever the urge strikes I lay down until the urge passes.