Saturday, March 12, 2011


Well it was about 50 degrees today so I went out and did some reconnaissance.

I found a few more places that I can fish once the river's water level recedes.

I also found a local blog that gave me a lot of information about fishing the river (e.g. where, when, what to use, etc.). If this info turns out to be accurate, then I am going to enjoy the upcoming fishing season.

Also, my brother-in-law called me this afternoon and told me he witnessed a guy trying to land a huge broodstock salmon (he said about 10 pounds). We are going to the pond first thing in the morning. As a matter of fact, it was hooked at the spot on the body of water that is atop this blog. That is my brother-in-law fishing.

I will post pictures if we are successful.


  1. Nice, I'm looking forward to seeing you with some fish. Make the brother-in-law take pictures.

  2. This is a good time of year to scout. Trees still barren, means lots of visibility. And its not to hot or cold, so walking is a pleasure.

  3. Good luck Ed....after this past winter it is great to see fishing season is here.

  4. Hey Howard......I wish I could but I don't trust him with technology. are absolutely right. I found a nice spot on the river that isn't good for fly-fishing but looks very promising for the spinner reel.

    Mike...thanks and I couldn't agree more.