Monday, March 14, 2011

Look what I found in NYC!

I am in NYC for work today and I am walking down 5th Avenue. I look up and what do I see but an Orvis store (easy Howard I have a surprise for you at the end).

So I go inside and at first all I see is clothing but I go up the stairs and in the back is a fly-fishing department. It probably took up about 25% of the store.

As I am browsing around I see a display that is advertising that Orvis will be doing a two hour casting and tying session FREE. So I asked the gentleman if they would be doing the same at the Boston store and he said he believed they were. I sent an email off to the store immediately and am waiting to hear back when it will take place.

So I am walking my way across the city to my next destination and I look up as I am leaving Times Square and saw "The Beatles are Back". I have to go back out tonight so I will get another shot of this and post it later.

A few minutes after I posted this the good folks at Orvis emailed me back and they do offer these lessons in Boston too. Moreover, they are offering them all over the US (Lessons) and if you take a lesson Orvis will give you a FREE membership for Trout Unlimited for one year.

As promised, I took another picture of the Rain billboard tonight. 

As happenstance would have it, I turned the corner at 47th Street and I came upon the theater for RAIN.


  1. Be careful. Shopping in NY flyfishing stores leads to buying a license, fishing the Catskills, ADK's. Your on a slippery slope.

  2. New yorkers(city folk) and fly fishing...who would have thunk it....they must not know it is there....sounds like you have plenty of options for casting lessons Ed


  3. Alan...there was no buying but I do feel the ground getting slippery under my feet.

    Mike...believe it or not there were people buying fishing supplies while I was there. There were more people buying clothes but no doubt they are moving product.

    Dustin...I don't work for them (yet) but they are always a click away.

  4. Mike....I am going to take advantage of the Orvis offer. One of their stores is located at Faneuil Hall and that is where I probably will go because I can head into the North End and go to Modern Pastry ( get a nice cannoli. If anyone who has not been to Boston and are planning on visiting, then the North End is a must see (and you have to eat here--great Italian food).

  5. Boy, you got me on that one. Wasn't expecting that. We'll have to check it out and see if it's going to be traveling around the country.

  6. The show was recently in Boston and we were going to go but it was $100 per ticket. I've seen McCartney in person for less money per ticket.

    For $149 you can get their digitalized box set at iTunes.