Sunday, February 28, 2016

A new beginning......

It has been a long time since I even thought about this blog. A lot has happened and more change is expected in the near future.

My best friend (and brother-in-law) wasn't able to beat his battle with cancer and I found myself surrounded by people but very alone. Don't cry for me Argentina because that is the course I took. I stopped hanging out with my buddies I grew up with for a whole host of reasons. I figured my brother-in-law and I would hang out fishing, hunting and shooting until we both couldn't walk and see anymore. As the the old saying goes, if you don't think God has a sense of humor, then tell him your plans. The nice thing about true friends is they don't give a shit about the whys and what fors. We are back to hanging out when time allows. It is funny how we just picked up where we left off as if there was no interruption of time. They have always been there for me and they like me even after seeing me at my worst.

I know I have to get back out fishing and this spring is the time. I decided that I am going to hire a guide to take me fly fishing in western MA and striper fishing along the coast. I hope to get to the Dakotas this fall to do some world class pheasant hunting and if all works out I hope to get out west to do some fly fishing in CO, MT or WY.

I will post again once I get out fishing whether anyone is out there or not.


  1. Wow! You don't know how much you have been missed by this old guy in Colorado. Welcome Back Mac!

  2. Hey Howard.....that is so kind of you and your timing is impeccable. I often thought how you were doing. I may go to Red Rock this summer for a concert and if I do I would like to buy you a beer (it sounds funnier when I say it 😊).