Saturday, November 24, 2012

The end of pheasant season 2012........

I was hoping that the end of this season would end like last season (with a bird in the vest); however, it was not the case and the season comes to an end today at sunset.

My brother-in-law could not make it today so I went alone. I was going to hunt a newly found area in Rowley MA but I didn't leave the house early enough to make it there before sunrise. So I decided to head to the WMA (Wildlife Management Area) by my house.

As I pulled up to the parking lot, I saw two vehicles  At first I thought it was the father and son tandem that I see nearly every weekend. After I got my gear together and headed toward the gate, I recognized the two people. They were two brothers who are carrying on the tradition they had with their recently departed dad. I met them before and we exchanged greetings and pleasantries as we waited for sunrise.

As we walked into the woods, they mentioned that they were there the day before. A couple of hundreds yards in, we noticed tire tracks in the mud and they said the tracks had to be fresh because they weren't there yesterday. Our hopes for birds went skyward and our paces quickened . We walked the path together for another couple of hundred yards and then parted ways.

I made my way to a place where I have flushed several birds with the expectation that today would bring the same results. Unfortunately, no live birds were seen although I found several clumps of feathers that probably were the result of a predator (e.g. fisher cats, coyotes, foxes). In my travels though, I believe I stumbled upon an area where there were deer. Since I am not a deer hunter (but read about their habits, etc.), I was not sure if I was correct. I took note of where it was so I could tell my brother in law since deer season for shotgun opens this coming Monday in MA.

After tracking through the woods for an hour, I headed back to the car and ran into the two brothers I met earlier. I mentioned my findings and the brother who deer hunts asked if I would show him the area and off we headed to the spot I found. The deer hunter told me I found a deer yard. I told him he was welcome to the area since I don't deer hunt and my brother in law has his spot scouted and scented. He thanked me and said he may take me up on the offer. I wished him well and we said our good byes.

I made my way home and found my wife was off shopping and my youngest son sleeping. I figured now would be a good time to update the blog.

Later this morning after I make some pancakes I will be outside bagging the last of the fallen leaves and putting them to the curb.

Sadly, the pheasant season is over and winter will be here soon........but hopefully I will do some fishing tomorrow.


  1. Overall Ed you had a good day. Owls are big predators of stocked birds.
    The pheasant season is complete, but the fishing is still a go.
    Tomorrow early my son and I leave for Penns woods for the start of rifle deer season on Monday.

  2. Hi are right that it is was a good day overall.

    The yard work ends officially tomorrow but some fishing will be done early in the morning.

    Best wishes on your trip to PA and be safe.

  3. Well Mac, I agree with Alan...and at least you bagged a few leaves even if you didn't bag a pheasant.

  4. Hi Howard......that was very cleaver and funny.

    I got a good laugh at that but the unfortunate part is I have one more day of bagging leaves.

    Did you get out to fish?

  5. Wife out shopping, kids sleeping, sounds like a great day to me. Hope the quiet time was great! Good luck fishing. I have been hunting for pheasant before and it is a lot of fun but i was on a preserve in CT and was a little expensive. Glad to hear you got out.

  6. Hey was pretty good save the yard work (a necessary evil).

    I have gone on a preserve also and it is expensive.

    I saw you are out there duck hunting. I hope to get out there with someone from the new club I joined. Hopefully some one will take pity on a newbie who wants to learn.

    I may even do some deer hunting this week and I will keep on fishing of some sort throughout the year.