Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Strawberry Fields..and other cool stuff in NYC.

I was in NYC for work this week and had my last appointment cancel on me.

So I called an audible and headed up to Central Park since it was an absolutely beautiful day Monday.

As I walked along and saw all the kids playing baseball in the fields I couldn't stop thinking of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer knocked out Bette Miller. Because the weather was fabulous the park was filled with people walking, running, playing sports or just laying in the sun.

I decided to head over to Strawberry Fields because it was several years since I have been there and they were fixing the mosaic back then.

San Remo Apartments sticking above the tree line.

It was getting late and I decided to head back to the hotel so I walked down Central Park West.
I knew that the President was in town because the cabbies were complaining about how the detours down by the UN and the police presence was immense. So I didn't give it much thought when I heard the helicopter overhead and continued toward the hotel. Then in a blink of an eye barricades were put up and NYC's finest appeared out of nowhere and blocked off the intersection of 66th and Central Park West. I had to wait until the motorcade passed. I only had my Blackberry so the pictures weren't the best but here they are nonetheless.

This is the front of Obama's car.

This was the car right behind Obama's.

I finally was able to make my way back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. I did a quick YELP search for Italian food and found Patsy's. This was Frank Sinatra's hangout back in the day and it was close by so I headed over there. I have to say the bread, wine (red) , food (chicken parm in red gravy) and dessert was good and I will be back there for sure.

After dinner, I needed to walk off the calories that I just consumed (plus I promised my wife I would get her some chocolate from the Hersey Store) so I headed to Times Square. As I was making my way back, I heard opera music. So I looked up and I saw the opening of L'Elisir d'Amore (Elixir of Love) being broadcast in Times Square and they set up chairs for people to watch. I am not an opera fan but you have to be kidding me (opening night of the world famous Met and outside in Times Square on a beautiful fall night).
I couldn't resist. 

I watched until the first intermission and then headed back to the hotel to watch Monday Night Football and the mess that ensued.

Also, on this day (September 26th) back in 1969 The Beatles released Abbey Road.

Here is a flashback: Something


  1. You had ideal weather for being down in the city. I myself was going to hop the train in this morning to see the Natural History Museum, but i ran short of funding and time. Nice trip you had. Did you wear your boston hat?

  2. Hey Savage....I was going to go there too but it closes early and there was no way I would have been able to get in all that I would want to see. I will try and get in there on my next trip.

    As for wearing my Red Sox hat down there, hell I am not wearing up here!
    However, when I do wear it down there I never get any real grief.

    I was watching the Patriots in an Irish pub on 7th Avenue Sunday night and there seemed to be a few Patriots fans in there with me. We have infiltrated the boroughs just like Yankee fans have done up here. My sister-in-law,who is a rabid Sox fan, is married to a Yankee fan. It is classic watching sports between Boston and NY with them.

    If you get to the museum soon, then let me know what you thought.

  3. Hey Ed. I've never been to NY, have no desire to go there, but it's nice to tag along with guys like you, who do go there and see the sights.

  4. Hi Mark....I am glad to be sharing the sights and thanks for tagging along.

    There really is no place on earth like NYC (although I am partial to Rome too and of course my fair city of Boston). If someone isn't a city type (for whatever reason), then I can understand why there is no appeal to visit a large city but I grew up a few miles outside Boston and was always being dragged by my mother into Boston for one thing or another (usually a sale at Filene's Basement). Since then I have always loved being in cities around the world. By the way, if you don't take the train in a city, then in my opinion you haven't seen the city in its entirety.

    I absolutely love going to NYC and am planning to get to more sites than I have over the years. The Museum of Natural History is most likely next and then the Statue of Liberty (I have been down to Battery Park a dozen times and never made it over to Ellis Island).

    By the way, I think pan fish will kill those bugs you found in the tree.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  5. Good for you Mac. Looks like a really nice time and experiences. And what a happy/sad moment listening to Something. I ended up listening to a few more songs before I came back to post this. Where has the time gone?

  6. Hi was a nice time and thanks.

    It is funny but when I watched the video I couldn't help but think how young they looked. We must be having a good time because time is flying by.

    Also, McCartney is starting to tour North America so be on the look out for tickets. I last saw him at Fenway Park a couple of years ago and will probably go again even though I said the Fenway show would be my last McCartney concert.

  7. Also,on this day,Sept 26th back in 1980, I was born :)
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    1. Well as The Beatles sang on The White Album........Happy Birthday to you.

      I checked out your blog and I will make a point to "stop by" more often.

      Thanks for reading and commenting on the blog.