Sunday, September 23, 2012

Have I become the Howard Stern of fly-fishing?

For those of you who may not be familiar with Howard Stern he is a "shock jock" from NY.

He credits his meteoric rise in talk radio with the utterance of  the L word. I don't know if this is true or not but that is what I am told by someone I know who is a devotee of his.

As for me, I have not had as many views on a posting than the one I titled in Russian. As of today it is closing in on being viewed nearly four times greater than any other posting I have done since this blog began. While it has not generated any new followers (still stuck at 35) it has accelerated my views closer to 10,000. 

So perhaps like Mr. Stern I will  recognize a good thing when I see it and do all my titles in Russian. 

Ironically, Russia is not the source of the largest number of views. 

Time to watch some football.

Do svidaniya!


  1. Well Mac, Stern certainly is lucky cause he's got no talent that I've been able to find. Blogging and readers are a fickle business. My best advice is figure (as you are now doing)what's successful and joining and commenting on other's posts. It's something well all deal with periodically. Now go enjoy some football.

  2. I hear you Howard.

    In reality...content is king because gimmicks come and go.

    Also, it comes down to who am I writing for? This started off as a quest to find answers to my questions for fly-fishing. I have to admit it was successful because people like you, Alan (BRKTRT), Mark (Northern California) , Mike C and Savage have been generous with help.

    I have wandered from the original scope and posted things that aren't related to fly fishing but that is my prerogative as owner of the blog.

    Truth be told if no one else responded to my posts other than the aforementioned people I am ok with that.

    Five hours and twenty minutes to kick off.

    1. I'm not enjoying football today! I don't think it ever hurts to stray from fishing or what we originally felt was what we wanted to post about. Even if I'm not interested in what people write about once in awhile, they're friends and friends do things for other friends.

    2. The Patriots aren't doing so good either right now.....

      Thanks Howard.

  3. It never hurts to put a little pizzazz in once in a while just to keep them coming back.

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    1. Mark with the stories you have been telling lately I am not sure I have that kind of pizzazz but I understand what you are saying.

      Glad you escaped the possible serial killer. You sure you aren't in the Federal Witness Protection Program with all these stories you have written? :)