Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I am heading home from work shortly and I couldn't let this day end without mentioning this monumental day in the history of the world. 

As the years pass and those who fought on this day 68 years ago bid us adieu, those of us who benefit from those sacrifices must never forget. We are also obligated to pass on the torch to those that follow us.

This is from the Army's website:

Godspeed to those who landed on the beaches all those years ago and may your sacrifice never be in vain. 

Thank you and bravo zulu.


  1. Thanks for the reminder Mac. I forgot and the media didn't play it up, at least from what I saw. Salute...

  2. You are welcome sir.

    I saw it in the media but it is almost an aside.

  3. It's a shame that such a monumental day in history, and it's a side note.
    They were indeed the Greatest Generation.

  4. It is a shame.......and yes they were.

  5. It's funny what days in history are promoted and what are not. I would consider D-Day to be as important as Pearl Harbor to America; but I didn't realize that D-Day occurred today. And we wonder why this country is losing it's sense of self.

  6. Hi Anthony.......unless a day off is attached to D-Day it will be long forgotten someday I am sad to say. How many people know Gettysburg? Do you remember the last time the news mentioned "On this day in history, during the Civil War....."? I cant recall a mention unless I am watching the History Channel or I read it on my "This Day In History". If you have ever seen "Jay Walking" with Leno, then it is apparent how little people know about this country's history. Ask those same people who won Dancing with the Stars, different story.

  7. There was a great special one a few nights ago...could have been the history channel....tracing the events from d-day to v-day.....but alas most people don't even notice....honestly I wouldn't have without seeing that show.

    It is sad to see how my generation compares to them. We are very selfish...they were utterly selfless.

  8. I saw that.

    It makes you wonder.............Ted Williams did stints at the height of his career. As did Bob Feller, Yogi Berra and Warren Sphan.

    I know that Pat Tillman left his football career after 9-11 but he was the only one I know of from pro sports of the current group of pro athletes.