Friday, January 20, 2012

Knot Funny!

Well I attended my second class last night.

The class went 21st century when they projected the instructor's image onto a screen.

A local newspaper sent a reporter and cameraman to profile the state's efforts to revive this course.

The gentleman standing closest to the projector screen is a former Wall Street type who must have made a ton of money because now he spends some of his time helping people discover fly-tying and fishing. He is a wealth of knowledge and a gentleman. He has been very helpful although his efforts on me maybe wasted.

This is the Hare's Ear at some stage when I decided that it looked good enough to snap a picture. The final results may not have been pretty but it stayed together. Here is where the name of this post comes into play.

My second fly (above) looked a lot better than the first one (trust me it did) but as you who are paying close attention can see it started to unravel. For reasons I can not fathom at this point, tying off is challenging my patience. Some times I am successful but not every time. Since I don't have a vise at the house yet, I am going to get to the next class a little earlier (or stay later) and have one of the instructors give me some additional help. This is not a hurdle that can't be overcome but I know that I have to master it or this will be a waste of time.

Since it seems that a good sense of humor is necessary for this endeavor, I am going to keep these treasures so that when the time comes I can look back and see the progress that I have made.

Also, last night I signed up for the next set of classes in February that will be focused on streamers (I am an optimist at heart).


  1. Looks like a great way to spend a winter night. thanks for sharing

  2. If at first you don't suceed...suc, suc til you do succeed. that second bug certainly looks buggy enough to catch a fish.

  3. Hi really is fun. It is 50 miles from my house but I look forward to it. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hey Howard....thanks for the kind words but that bug would fall apart before the line hit the water. Practice, practice, practice is needed and I will get there.

  4. Hey Ed. I consider fly tying a continual learning process. Take the Wooly Bugger (probably your next class), the first one I tied look anemic. Mike (the teacher) thought it looked good, but I think he just didn't want to shoot me down. They've gotten better since.


    1. Thanks Mark. An experience like yours is what I am banking on (getting better every day.....sounds like a Beatles' song from Sgt. Pepper).