Monday, May 23, 2011

Why didn't I think of this earlier?

As I was researching my trips out to the rivers in western MA last night, I did a few Google searches about the rivers I want to fish. I found YouTube videos of people actually fishing these rivers. Besides seeing the places I will be visiting soon, I saw some of the things I have been asking about (e.g. setting the hook) being done by other people (hook setting) and seeing the parts of the river they are searching for trout. It reinforced what have been told here in the last couple of days and months.

I am going to use YouTube as a supplement to my reading and the help I have been getting here from many of you.  I think this will compress the learning curve.

I also fished another section of the Shawsheen River yesterday that I was told about last week. I better learn how to  roll cast if I want to fish here (another YouTube video is in my future!).

Lastly, until a few weeks ago I had never heard of fallfish (thanks Mike C). Yesterday I had about a half hour to kill so I went back to where I first caught a fallfish. I wanted to practice my hook setting since these fish are aggressive. I am proud to announce that I was three for three setting the hook and landing the fish. Now the question becomes can I bring that same technique with me when the trout are biting?


  1. Ed ask good are getting out and fishing and that is the best way to learn. I am jealous...I am hoping to freed up later this week.....maybe I can meet you at the shaheen after work.

  2. Mike.....let me know.

    If it not this week, then one of the upcoming weeks will be good.