Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why didn't you tell me about these #@% problems?

I actually went to the river this morning to catch fish.

I caught branches and lost flies (sorry Alan). I couldn't get the line tied because my fingers were cold.

Then across the road I saw another fly-fisherman. He was leaving so I wanted to catch him before he left to ask him a question. As I pulled along side of his car I asked him how it was going and he said that he had some success. He saw that I was frustrated and asked how I did and I couldn't lie. I told him I was frustrated trying to attach the tippet and leader with cold hands. He told me to pull over and he would show me.

After getting out of the car, I noticed that he was cleaning out a couple of rainbows. He introduced himself and showed me how to quickly get the lines attached to one another. After he left, I saw another guy but he wasn't fly-fishing. He did have a couple of rainbows to show for his efforts.

I was anxious as a cat with a long tail in a room full of rocking chairs to get fishing. It showed because I was making mistakes, getting frustrated and getting ready to leave. I settled down eventually and started casting better but still no success.

 Another fisherman showed up with a fly rod and a spinner rod. He started with the spinner rod with a worm and within five minutes he pulled a rainbow out of the water. I was so @#^% mad.

Of course another guy comes by and asks how I was doing. He asked me what I had on the line and I told him a dry fly. He said it isn't time for flies and I should be using a nymph. When he left the guy who was using the spinner rod said that flies are fine. Now not only am I frustrated but I am filled with doubt.

I continued to fish for another hour or so with no luck.

I may head back there tonight but if I don't I will be back eventually (bent but not broken).


  1. Since I know where I'm going to fish (most of the time) I tend to tie on tippett before I leave the house and then when I attach the reel to the rod, all I have to do is straighten it. Saves the frustation of cold fingers and double surgeon knots.


  2. Its not easy when your finger are cold arthritic and fat, Then add half blind on top of it . Kind of like pushin a spaghetti noodle,It just don't work. Latex gloves don't look the best but they are very functional. They actually grip the line. and
    .99 cent hand warmer from Walmart works too. Good luck and I'm fishin in the same boat!

  3. Mac, you're experiencing something we've all been through, don't sweat it. If you make it all about the fish you catch, or don't catch, you're going to be more frustrated than happy. Enjoy being out, relaxed and doing what you want...the fish will come.

  4. Thanks Mark. I am going to do that until it gets a little warmer.

    Thanks John. I may head to Wal-Mart tonight because I am going back in the morning. are absolutely right. It was like being in the gym and everybody is lifting more weight than you (I refrained from using a golf metaphor). I wanted to be part of the "catching" but it will happen. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Look at it as paying your dues; we've all been there. This is something you just have to work through. I think what you are experiencing is the reason why more people don't fly fish; it's just easier to put a worm on a hook and dunk.

    Persistence is key and you will get there!

  6. Anthony you are absolutely correct about why people give up fly-fishing. When that guy caught a rainbow with a worm I have to admit I was tempted to ask for a worm but I didn't. There is no doubt patience and persistence play a major role in this thing called fly-fishing. Thanks.

  7. I was down there yesterday.. probably a little too late, but I had a very similar experience... lost 3 flies, saw some people who had caught fish... I even used the flies the guy recommended to me, but nothing. Then today I went down with a friend and we were throwing spoons of a spinning rig and I got two spoons stuck in rocks and lost them chasing a hit my buddy got... If I get my work done before dark I'm going back down there!

  8. Hang in there Ed. It will all come together eventually. I would agree with the fisherman who told you to fish nymphs as opposed to dries (I assume that is what you meant when you said flies). However just telling someone to fish a certain fly isn't really that helpful. As with any type of fishing, different methods need different techniques. Again it will all come with time.