Sunday, April 17, 2011

it happened (kinda)

I am at the river and a fish actually took
the fly. It broke because I think I put to
much pressure on the line. What a thrill.
I will update later because there is more.
I broke the leader and tippet so I have to go
to the store and get more. I will return!


  1. Mac, you need to buy more than one at a time.

  2. Hey Howard I like the new picture.

    What size tippet should I buy and when do I know which one to use? I have 4x (6 lb) and it seems awfully thin ((0.007"). The river I am fishing is stocked with rainbows (with some browns and brookies too) and it also has bass I am told.

    The rainbows I saw the guy take yesterday were about 18". Where I am casting also has a strong current. I don't think this tippet is strong enough. I am heading to LL Bean nearby shortly so I will see what they tell me (if anybody is in the fly-fishing department). What are your thoughts on leaders?

  3. Ed,
    In my next post I'll have some info that will help you.