Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring is here.....

Let me start off with an apology to anyone who isn't a Red Sox fan (I know the list is long). I will try not to be an obnoxious Bostonian (yet).

But I don't care that there is still 20" of snow outside my house and that is 30 degrees out. I am watching the Red Sox Spring Training on NESN this morning and my whole attitude has changed. Everyone who has been dealing with the winter this year can appreciate the mind shift.

I will let the team's results drive my obnoxiousness as the season progresses but today Spring has arrived for me.


  1. Small Stream Reflections, is part of Red Sox Nation. A fan since 1964

  2. Ya know, I think that it might be time to come out with my ANGEL story this weekend...hmmmmm. Grew up behind the dugout!! (Better than the alley!) Ha. Yes, spring training is around the corner.

  3. I am glad to see that there are baseball fans out there. All repartee on my part is done in good fun until the playoffs start. Now if I find out there are cigar smokers out there who read history while listening to music...........the fun will never end.