Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New to Flyfishing

I am very interested in learning how to fly fish and tying flies. I fish for rainbow trout and largemouth bass now with a spinning rod; however, I am ready to use my fly rod. I have been reading LL Bean's fly fishing book and plan on taking some of their "walk on" classes at the Burlington MA store. I am also planning on joining the local TU chapter in January. I am hoping to learn from others who have gone before me about this sport. I will appreciate any help, "words of wisdom", etc. and look forward to the spring.


  1. Oh, you have entered a world of fun and thrills...and sometimes it can be a little bit of an addiction. Find a fly shop and take a class or two. And see if there are any fly fishing clubs to join... The more people I connected with that had years of fly fishing experience, really helped me down the right path. And the learning continues for many years...believe me...but it is a journey that is very gratifying one! Good luck!

  2. First visit to your blog, but, there is no doubt about the "addiction" part of fly fishing. Get help now! (ie: fly fishing classes, fly tying classes, fly casting classes, entomology classes, rod-building classes, and on and on. Spoken from the mouth of a recovering addict.

    In all seriousness, like The River Damsel has said, wish you much success and a great float downstream.

  3. I used to tell people to forget the classes. They were expensive and you could learn as much from just fishing with someone who knew what they were doing. Now, as I'm no longer a young buck, I see the sense in taking a 2 hour class in order to move 4,6,10 levels ahead in the game. I'd wish you good luck, but I'm betting you'll soon have lots of fly fishing blogger friends who can help you leave luck in the parking lot and take skill and knowledge to the river.
    If I can help ya, don't hesitate to ask!