Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fly Fishing Show

Heading to the Marlboro MA show in January 2011. This will be my first fly fishing show and I am looking forward to seeing everything.


  1. If it is half as good as the Fly Fishing Show in Denver, you'll love it. Leave your wallet at home.

  2. Hi Mac. Mark from Northern California Trout. Saw you listed on OBN and stopped for a look. You're just starting out as a blogger and a fly fisherman. Maybe NCT can help. I've been blogging for 2 years and fly fishing since a year ago August and trout fishing for about 30 years. Since I'm retired, I fish a lot. Might be something on my site that could help. Here's the link: http://www.shoretroutfishing.blogspot.com/
    and I've added you to my blogroll under Our Fly Fishing Friends. We're all friends out here and here to help.


  3. Hello Mac. Sorry I had to leave so suddenly earlier today. I was running late for an imaginary fishing trip. Always happy to see new folks getting involved in the game. So Welcome to the blogging world. It's a blast and you'll get more help than you know what to do with. I think you've got the blogging part down, so I'm adding you to my list of favorite blogs at http://cofisher.blogspot.com and thanks for the nice email.

    Howard (cofisher)