Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This day in history........(nothing to do with fishing).

The Beatles played Shea Stadium back in 1965. I have watched the movie and it was a very short show. The acoustics weren't very good and the decibels must of been deafening but if you were there it must of been awesome! FYI: Bruce Springsteen is playing Fenway Park tonight while the Red Sox are on the road with their traveling circus (yeah I am pissed at the players and the owners. I didn't think you could make Bobby V. a sympathetic character but this group has managed to do it. In case you are wondering...yes I am still watching them. It is a disease I am telling you.) but I digress.

Four years later to the day....for some (not me to young) in a generation a seminal moment: Woodstock.

The weather stinks around here so I have nothing with respect to fishing.

In a couple of weeks I am going to Acadia National Park in Maine with my sons to do some camping, hiking, biking, kayaking and maybe I will find a small stream with native trout and land a few.


  1. Some days are like that. Maybe a good day to stay inside and watch the Yankees......Just kidding.


  2. Hi Mark....this Red Sox team is ridiculous.

    They are like the Yankees when Billy Martin was the manager except they aren't winning. This will probably be the third year in a row that they don't make the playoffs with the fourth highest payroll in baseball.

    Listening to sports radio in Boston is going to lead to an increase of liquor sales! I wonder if the Red Sox have stock in InBev?

    I don't like to wish my time awasy but the NFL season can't come fast enough.

  3. Shea stadium was kind of a dump. Located across the street for LGA, so every time a jet took off you rattled in your seat. Bobby V is from my town, but i am not a huge fan. His bar is expensive, and the walls are decked out in met's stuff, so i don't frequent it.
    Better days are ahead! enjoy your trip to maine. Sounds like a perfect vacation.

    1. Hey Savage.....only this group could make Bobby V a victim and they have been successful.

      Acadia is a special place. My youngest son and I went there a few years ago. This time his older brother is joining us. I am sure I will have plenty of pictures.

      By the way, I have read that the stripers are active again up in the Plum Island area at low tide. I may get up there this week. Maybe you will see the same down there.

    2. Low tide this morning produced a good shot of fish. Mostly small blues. My fishing buddy was throwing the storm chug bug and probably got 10+ fish one bass may have been of keeper size. Prowling the rocks at low tide is my favorite time to fish.

    3. Glad to hear that the fish are out there.

      Do you follow the gentleman who writes for The Fisherman? His blog is called RI Striped Bass. Here is the link:

      The tide is looking good at Plum Island.
      I may go there tomorrow before work or Saturday.

  4. I feel your pain..the Sox need a kick in the a$$, and the only ones capable of it are the fans. The Sox had some bad teams in the past, but the players took to the field and gave it their very best, not this group of slobs. I'm pissed too.
    The NFL is starting, and I hope my Cowboys put forth a good effort.

    1. Hi Alan....I was going to take my sons to Fenway for our annual Red Sox game. I decided that I wasn't going to give them any money with the garbage going on over there at Fenway (although I am still watching the games on NESN which is owned by the Red Sox). As a matter of fact, as I write this they just blew the lead to the Orioles.

      I am going to take that money that I would have spent at Fenway and we are going to Acadia for a couple of days.

      As Hank Williams, Jr. use to say: Are you ready for some football? YES! Yes I am.

  5. Hi Ed,
    The family and I just got back from Acadia. Did some hiking and biking....a few of the streams had me wondering if there were natives. However some seemed pretty sterile. I couldn't find any insect life.


    1. Hi Mike,

      I hope you guys had good weather. Did you stay in the park?

      We are heading up there the last week of August. I bought a hiking trail book at REI last night to start planning for the trip. Biking and kayaking are going to be part of the equation too.

      Did you guys make it to Cadillac Mountain or Bubble Mountain? Any tips for sites to consider?

      I did check on Haggetts Pond and you were right about Andover residents and boats only.

  6. We did not stay at the park but a a great campground at the very end of Somes Sound,Mt Desert Campground. This trip we hiked a trip that included the Bowl and Gorham Mt both over by sand beach. We also climbed North Bubble (we did south bubble last year). All these trips are fairly short but as with most things in Acadia even for small effort you get some spectacular views. I highly recommend North Bubble. We didn't do it this year but if you haven't climbed the beehive it is worth the climb.

    We did a few small bike trips on the carriage roads too. One was a nice loop between Bald peak and Upper Hadlock pond. One was a trip down Bubble Pond and Eagle lake. The main biking area are the carriage roads at Eagle lake. I think if you try other parking areas you will find less clouds. The Upper Hadlock area is at the Parkman Mountain parking area.

    We haven't kayaked there with the kids but my wife and I did Jordan Pond years ago. Bubble pond looks really nice too.


  7. I couldn't find a place inside the park so I found a Maine State Park adjacent to Frenchman Bay. As the crow flies it would be 5 minutes to Bar Harbor but it will probably take 25 minutes (not bad).

    My youngest son and I did North Bubble several years ago. We also drove up Cadillac Mountain but this year we are going to hike up.

    I read about Beehive: I am not an experienced hiker so is it safe? I read it is a little scary because it is open ledge. How wide is the ledge?

    Thanks for the ideas because we are only there for three days.

  8. We did the beehive last year when my son was 6. I don't recall exactly how narrow the ledge was but I would say it was atleast 30 inches or more. In most places wider. My wife is afraid of heights and she did it although I am not sure she would do it again.

    Are you starting at Lamoine? Next time you are up there try Mt Desert Campground. It is in a central location on the island but not in the park.


  9. My guess is your son is braver than me but we will see....any spikes into the side of the mountain to grasp?

    We are at Lamoine. Any impressions or things we should know?

    I'll check out Mt Desert while we are there in case next year we can't get a site inside Acadia.

    Thanks again for the tips.

  10. Ed,
    On the beehive there are metal rungs and railings tapped into the rock. So there is plenty to grab on to.

    I don't know anything about Lamoine except my niece stayed there and said it was nice. She was also a 18 year old college student at the time. So I am not sure her criteria for "nice".


  11. Hi Mike....thanks.

    I did a Google Earth search and the location is pretty nice but I hear you about criteria.

    As for the Beehive, I may give it a try if there are things to hang onto.