Saturday, April 21, 2012

Evening Fishing..............

My wife went out with some friends from work and I was left all by my lonesome..............

I decided to go down to the river before I went and got some Chinese food.

It was dusk time and this was my first time fishing at this time of the day. I have read in Thomas Ames' book "Hatch Guide for New England Streams" that early morning and late evening are some of the best times to be on the river. Since I haven't had this opportunity before, I decided to correct this situation.

Early today my brother-in-law and I took his two sons and their children (five total) fishing on a local pond. It was fantastic (and the kids had a good time too). We take passing our passion of fishing onto the next generation seriously and today we helped cement that love for fishing with the kids.

Anyway.........on the way back from fishing with the kids I decided to do a little fly-fishing since I didn't do any fishing earlier. I threw a dry fly on and the first pass by the eddy resulted in a hook up; however, the fish spit the fly and the next hour I tried to get that fish without any luck.

But I digress.............Once I got to the river as the sun got lower in the sky I tried a couple of different dry flies and didn't have any fish to show for my efforts even though I saw them rise for their meals. It was getting darker and I knew that I had to get out of there soon or I may be regretting  my decision to stay. Like Shaw Gribsby, I said to myself "one more cast" and tried to place the fly along the seam of the eddy. As if queued, the fly went below the surface and another Brown Trout was on its way to the shore and another first has been put in the personal record book.

Good thing the Blackberry has a built in flash.
The next fly-fishing "mountain to climb" is fishing in the rain and that may happen Monday down the Cape while pursuing saltiers.

I may need an intervention because I believe I am addicted to this thing called fly-fishing.


  1. Mac I think you're getting the hang up it.

  2. Thank you sir.

    I am enjoying myself. I want to get to some other rivers now.

  3. Why is it that when you make that "last" cast, it always produces the fish? Then you have to stay and try for "just one more". There has to something evil going on there.


  4. Hi Mark.....I usually fall prey to the "one more cast" evil that you speak of but last night I had to stop. Otherwise I would have been literally in the dark.

    It seems like there are only Brown trout left over from the stocking. People must have taken the Rainbows for eating.

  5. Hey are very kind but I know I am just scratching the surface.

    I have to say that I am enjoying it much more since I have learned to tie some knots, set the hook and caught some fish on wet and dry flies.

    Thanks for all the help this past year.

  6. Nice job Ed on your last two outings.

  7. Hey Mike,
    I was wondering if you left the blogsosphere.
    Lets meet after work when you can and we'll hit the Shawsheen and I'll show you were I have been getting those Brown trout.

  8. I am still around. I have been doing more lurking than commenting lately. Meeting after work sounds good but I am constrained to some Mondays and Fridays. All other nights are kids sports nights. This Friday I am looking to take the day off from work and do some fishing (first trip of the year I know very sad). I am not sure if I am heading up to the Contookcook in NH or out to the Swift. If you interested you are always welcome.

  9. Hey Mike,
    This week may be tough but lets try to get together one of these upcoming Mondays
    I'll be in touch.